Where would you like to go today? Who would
you like to meet? What do you want to do? I want to enhance my resume.
I want to meet people from around the world. I want to learn a new language.
I want to learn about myself Discover yourself. Discover the world.
Discover K-State’s Study Abroad program. Kansas State University offers study abroad
programs in more than 85 countries, so you can travel to nearly any destination in the
world. There are a number of different programs offered
for whatever you want to do. Earn credit alongside fellow students as you
explore with a K-State professor in different locations around the world.
Attend a partner university abroad through an exchange program and pay K-State tuition
and fees at in-state rates for a variety of courses.
Or just directly enroll into the partner institution and focus on a specific academic field.
What I did was a flat exchange. Me and another K-State student went to Prague, the University
of Economics. Two students of the University of Economics came to K-State. So I paid flat
K-State tuition. The exact same tuition that I would have paid otherwise.
Are you ready to Study Abroad yet? Maybe you still have some reservations about
the costs. Study Abroad can be very affordable with some
programs actually costing less than a semester at K-State.
It was pretty equivalent. I think the only thing that is an extra cost for studying abroad
is what you want to do while you’re there and of course travel to get there. The tuition
and housing can all be the same and actually my housing was much cheaper than it is here.
I had to think about that I’m in a very expensive city. London is one of the most
expensive cities in the world so I had to keep that perspective in mind but really,
you can’t put a price on a good experience. Another big concern with students is learning
a new language or not being able to communicate with people in the host country.
Language is not necessarily required, meaning there are numerous countries that offer classes
taught in English. If you are interested in learning another
language or getting better at one you already know, there is the opportunity to learn the
native language of the host country. The first two years here at K-State I took
four classes in Chinese. After I went over there I found out they did a fantastic job
here of preparing me. As I went over there, I felt I was very comfortable as far as traveling
goes and talking and learning but also being immersed in that culture and being immersed
in that language helped me more than I could have imagined.
Do you know where you want to go yet? Your first step is visiting the Study Abroad
Office to talk with a peer advisor and explore different program options. Here you’ll learn
more about program costs, course credit, and even meet with students who have studied abroad.
Don’t delay. Visit Study Abroad at K-State and discover
what you’ve been missing.