Knowledge of foreign languages is an essential element of the young man’s career. It plays a vital role in the recruitment process as well as in the planning of further steps. Business Linguistics is the real chance for a young person as English philology, which has existed on the educational market in Poland for years, has become vital for the business world on the one hand, because these students, these graduates have a high level of language knowledge. Not only in the context of the knowledge of vocabulary or grammar, but they know very well the area of the culture of a given country. On the other hand, English philology put a lot of emphasis on subjects that are not necessarily needed around business today. Tischner European University has always been lucky to have excellent staff and good students. The combination of these two worlds with each other has always motivated us to create new directions and to take up challenges in the market. Hence, Business Linguistics, which aims to prepare students for work in English. In addition to English, we teach and adequately prepare our students to use a second foreign language. In the world of companies, it seems extremely important. We lay emphasis on phonetics because we believe that our students who have a good command of spoken and written language are their showcase in how they know English, to what extent, at what level they are, but also they are the flagship of our university. An important issue to be said is that the classes are conducted entirely in English. This means that our students are immersed in the language from the very beginning. Thus, we often talk about different areas of knowledge and skills using English, where English is just a tool, and as a positive side effect they learn the language correctly and then it naturally comes to use it at work. I am convinced that studying at Tischner European University in the field of Business Linguistics is a good start to a career.