I have definitely changed, yes. I think in general I’ve become more open-minded. I think just being at Guilford as such a small
school, that is also diverse, just learning more about the way people live their lives
in different ways and respecting that. My name is Katie Claggett, I am a senior,
and my major is Sociology and Anthropology. I have my plans through summer, I’m going
to Europe, which is exciting. And in July I will be participating in a learning
opportunity with the Quaker United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland. So I’m really looking forward to it. I have had the privilege to work in the Guilford
Study Abroad Office this year. I get to advise students, and I get to plan
events, and in general just promote study abroad and promote a lot of similar opportunities that I had the opportunity to do when I was a Guilford student. I’m really passionate about it, and I think
it’s a really phenomenal opportunity for all undergraduate students to do. I think something unique I chose to do during
my four years was spend two semesters abroad, and I did those back to back. I spent my fall semester in Morocco with the
school for international training. And then I did another affiliated program
in Chile in the spring. I would say that if you’re thinking about
studying abroad but you’re kind of on the fence, you’ll hear time and time again from
people that it’s just worth it. The energy to figure it all out, figure the
logistics, pick a place. There’s so many great opportunities. There’s so many programs, there’s hundreds
and hundreds of programs that you can apply to for your specific skill set. You can find a program if you’re Environmental
Studies, if you’re Economics, whatever you want. You can find a program for you, and you should. To younger students, to students maybe looking
to come to Guilford, I would just advice those students to just not stress. I think that younger me was maybe more stressed
sometimes with academics, or my perfectionist inside of me was just really like “do everything
exactly right”. And I think just relaxing on that, and just having fun honestly college is supposed to be a fun time. Just enjoy it. Because it will go by too fast and then it’s
over! So much makes Guilford special, just the connections
you make with people, the community. Everybody is very encouraging and you can
really grow into your best self and that’s what makes a place special I think, to be
your best self.