Motion Poster Statutory warning Background Music What a sexy girl ya She’s a bengali sweet called rasmalai For a two rupee commission I’ve become a bhojpuri movie villian for the girl Were you sleeping? No, I was dancing Okay Background Music Intro title Intro Daddy, daddy, these men have kidnapped and tied me and mom These goons look like some executioners Listen please give them whatever they want They won’t leave us alive Daddy, daddy please come fast Heyy I know it You have good contacts with the cops Go even think of going there else you won’t ever see your daughter and wife alive Commando, commando what happened to you Sir what is happening sir Jonny commando has saved the lady and the child Government officer’s wife Nirmala and their daughter Where’s my daughter sir Where’s my family sir Please say it sir Prominent and pension file’s money isn’t cleared We’ve sent the files ahead sir, it won’t hamper the work we’ll sign them right now, is my family safe? Give me the pen, quick Why are so many files still pending? Sir you ordered us to keep it pending unless its paid You never notice the tears of the poor, you’ll have the worst death Sir you continue Oh god please save my family Commando Jonny You’re safe right? Daddy, if it wouldn’t have been for Jonny Commando we would have died in the blast. Daddy, do you cheat people? daddy don’t cheat anyone. Please daddy God gives food to everyone but loafers like you snatch it away from them Ma’am please tell your husband to not live the life of a loafer. Don’t be the dog. Don’t be the dog Don’t be the street dog. Don’t be the street dog You’re thinking there’re blasts in the start itself Nothing bad happens with the good people Hero’s the saviour of the poor Our Jonny, Bappu and Guddu Do you want to see how they release the pension funds ? C’mon let’s see Sorry ma’am you’re husband is cheating the poor. Thus we had no other option It’s okay. Do you have any problem ma’am? We’ll kidnap him too he’s been cheating since 15 years. You’ve done a good job kidnapping us Okay so father lets start. Ma’am you’ll have to help us. Daughter even you’ll have to act abit. C’mon handle the guns. Hey listen.. They look like some executioners The girl’s father This isn’t taliban This is cockban C’mon start the government officer’s here Oh . so fast Hey are you applying makeup or painting a wall Apply it properly bro the officer’s here. One with the pink shirt has signed all the files Hey listen, all the files have been signed It’s your entry now atleast blast one bomb when I enter The hero’s enter should be mind blowing, do you understand? Perfect blast. Yeah yeah. There’s nothing but smoke in your blasts. Do whatever you want to but be quick.’s reputation is at risk You’ve helped us lot. We can give you anything you ask for. I want nothing. You don’t have to worry about a single thing. We’ll handle everything, lets start Ma’am there’ll be a blast during our entry. Don’t get scared, come here dear. We’ll enter from the smoke. 1 2 3 go.. Who’s this person dad, what happened Why did you bring him here like this He’s a government servant Do you know what he’s done? People use the bedroom to sleep but he went here to commit suicide Aren’t you ashamed Suresh Dad go to your place. you sit here Why are you standing. Sit down. What happened say it The office I worked in OFFICE!? I fell in love with a girl Hey she didn’t murder anyone right The lover will take his bride. That’s it right? Why are you so worried about it? Say Actually the problem is that she’s pregant The lover made his bride pregnant Sit down son sit down Go on. Pregnant my god This is not some Chota Bheem story on POGO Infact it’s a Starplus pregnancy story Close your ears Listen Dad they’ll be registering their kid’s name before registering their marriage. He’s the one to enjoy stuff before marriage you’re the culprit for a lady’s pregnancy before time Bro her family members were against this marriage and thus we decided to do court marriage I waited for her in the registrar office for two days What do you mean? But she didn’t come her phone’s switched off. I don’t know what to do I can’t live without her Oh my god Hey Pizza open your ears Search for her details on google Before doing anything All the details should be ready Operation to pregnant Me and dad will do it Why would you go for such small deals I’ll go and get the girl in godown What kind of a girl are you Do you have any sense? You promised him to meet at the registrar and then ditched him at the end Listen daughter Although Suresh looks like a snake But is a 24 carat gold You know he’s a good person But it doesn’t matter at all. We’re the fathers for the kid you’re carrying He’s his big father And I’m the small father All the men in this are his fathers Then why am I the only big father Oh sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry When there’s a problem The hero will always come to the rescue Listen ma’am Whenever there’s a problem and you need help will always be there Hey pizza, open it Okay Not your pants idiot Open her hands, let’s ask her about her issues with Suresh People usually take the wrong step during their puberty And later regret it Dad She’s like a rasmalai (bengali sweet) I’ve God gives different shades while making humans But he’s given her all the rainbow colours Don’t try taking away his bite. He’s already attempted suicide once Their agreement now lies in her stomach Dad. My heart’s really sad I’ll be back soon In this game of love They’ve already cheated each other and no one cares about the child I can give him life if she wishes Pizza Yes pappa I want you to deal with this rasmalai case. Okay dad Brother Suresh The problem has been solved We’ve handled everything and incase there’s more problem Then I’ll help Thank you brother Suresh Yes brother Tell me something Your girlfriend Does she have an elder or a younger sister No she’s the only child. Whats wrong? Listen Suresh you go Control Jonn Brother whose the girl you’ve kidnapped She’s pregnant because of you and all you ask is who is she I swear I don’t know the girl She was the only one standing on the given location Its pretty obvious i’ll kidnap the only person standing there No problem, anyone can make a mistake But it turned an innocent’s reputation into pavbhaji Now yo guys handle it. I’m leaving Hey what do you think of us What do you think of You know how to love but can’t even give a correct address Brother some random girl… Leave Let him go. But where are ou going You go and apologise to her She’s a nice person hello sister. I’m sorry sister I tried understanding but misunderstood Oh sister sister sister Bloody fellow where are they They’re very nice sister Go called them right now. I”LL GO. Go right now There’s no need. just get the suitcase Mattress, bedsheet, bed, burner everything’s set Even the position’s right And the neurology too There are chances of her having a big family You please shut up, I’ve done all the arrangements What did you say There are kids along with them Hey there’s a new car there What a sexy girl ya Where are you guys Where’s your office where are you ma’am Near Betika hotel Near to the ganpati temple’s circle Ma’am if you’re hungry go have something we’ll reach there in a while Leave that shit and tell me where you guys are Ma’am is there a mosque behind you Yeah its there Can you hear Zakhir Hussain playing drum Where the hell are you guys Actually ma’am we’re here to listen qawalis I had a talk over the phone earlier yess Why are you wearing this To hide our identities else you’ll fight with us. WHAT? I mean to stay away from problems we hide our identities every monday and friday. If at all we show our faces we may land up in some trouble Whatever. Anyway thank you so much for helping us renting a house By the way if you’re bored you can come here whenever you want to our company and we’re on What!! Jonny jonny yes papa I think we’re caught and will soon be crushed You bloody kidnapers Rita just find out where’s the police station Its to the right Why did you show them the correct address There’s a curtain in front of your brain Look what i’m gonna do now wait ma’am i’ll help you Dancing gives you knowledge, releases stress so c’mon dance with me. Ta Thai Ta Thai Ta. Come ma’am welcome This is a police station right? say ma’am We’re here for social service What would you prefer. Milk, coffee, tea, bournvita, mangluru patty, fish curry Inspecter The hearty welcome arrest the jonny from rainbow colony Jonny? YES. Our jonny? YES. You’re asking me to arrest him? He’s not that kind of a person what did he do? He kidnapped me thinking i’m pregnant and insulted me Why would jonny do such a thing? Without a relation If you’re pregnant with his child Get me a witness and i’ll file the FIR Inspecter what are you talking? Like father like son see he’s here Listen that Jonny, jonny come dear come here We’ve been discussing about you Inspector kick him and put him and put him behind the bars jonny what’s going on she’s like you kidnapped her and she’s pregnant. NO SIR I’m the real Indian who respects women I’ve left milk after hearing that they mix water in it So much i respect females you know Then how can i make someone pregnant sorry ma’am This is jonny ma’am He’s a respectable citizen I’ll go to the commissioner if you don’t register my complaint Do you know whose the commissioner? He’s my relative Every weekend together we.. Why did you register this case ma’am? In our area Its very difficult to get a house Compromise this case anyhow You are beautiful and still a virgin Please go Go ahead ma’am Priya come lets leave why? Listen after alot of difficulties we’ve got this flat and they’re the one who helped us thus chuck it. Come lets go. Come I’ll go to the commissioner. I won’t leave Jonny atleast take your phone with you You bloody rascal. I won’t spare you And you too bloody stupid In we’re solving such low standard cases Really? Just think about it. For the two rupee commission I’ve become the bhojpuri movie villain for her And this is all because of you I’m just the actor in this scene Jairamji has been the director while i’m just in the middle Don’t talk about her in front of me from now onwards Hey take a chill pill The person above knows… JONNY I’m repeating myself Stop calling me in a girl’s voice It feels as if someone’s slapping me I think he’s sleep talking. Leave him jonny hey dad What’s wrong look where look there Where my boy There’s an angel standing there i’ll turn this way where is she? I can’t see anyone You can’t see anyone? I think i’m drunk I can see ghosts. How can a ghost come here jonny oh god she knows me well jonny listen to me who are you? are you coming from some fancy dress show oh jonny look at it dad she’s shinning so bright. Whose shinning bright. I can only see a tubelight shinning i am goddess goddess of love coming straight from heaven only for you i’m here to add a twist in your life Are you serious? Mother swear? why do you dink more than 90 dear when you know you can’t handle it after that See the goddess of love, loving in the, coming in the, quality in the, whiteness in the, night angel beauty of the goddess of the love is what she’s saying to me Jonny only you can see me It’s not his fault he can’t see me I can’t see her? I’m the goddess of love What should I do now? Should i love the girl from my colony I have no such intentions. Its just a deal You’re always into this deal thingi You’ve forgotten your personal life How will we get our meal if we don’t deal This is true i have only one thing in my life colony take care dad now you say whatever you want to thus i’m here to awaken your heart i’ve got a very beautiful girl do you want to see her? Okay, show mw your dream girl she is your children’s future mother I haven’t made her pregnant. Which means she also cracked a deal with you i’m here to get both of you together are you talking hot stuff only because i’m here taking hot drinks already litigation in the police station complaint lodged in the pregnant you know? where there’s hatred there’s always love my blessings are always with you please mother this is my father he’s also single ya find out one more picture in the google in the next to the girl father? ask father to help himself he has to handle his own problems if nothing he’ll be the grandfather of your kids okay listen apologise to priya everything will be alright all the very best jonny she looks similar to the angels in the computers a doll? Doll? leave her now. She’s here to create a barrier in our friendship funny guys she’s gone what did she say? leave your english bro i have only only tomato and 500 note ma’am please forgive me ma’am i know mistake ma’am will workout work? bro she was pourni and this is priya you always say shitty things. Get lost ma’am please understand don’t you know? the cops couldn’t understand his english so they’ve sent him to you they said you’ll be handling this deal come on ya tell me ya what is your problem tell us where is your office. How many dollars you are investing here you lost all dollars everything i think he’s been robbed. Lets find out that rascal and help him guest’s god he haven’t eaten since 2 days. We’ll keep with us and give him 200-300 bucks for food after getting the visa and passport when he’ll return to his country he’ll praise us for helping him and it’ll raise’ s rep this clearly shows how much you love your country jonny mister mister missing for person. Its Peter you are coming back with your passport and visa everything you are whole day here. Food, bath, one, two all free thank god he’s not lost. else if would have been a bigger problem guest is god Pizza take him to Ram chandra market and buy him few panties and boxers quick. Take him away You’re a true indian jonny I’m an indian Mother with lights has arrived Where is she? There she is No she’s not and not even here You go there and stand besides her and i’ll believe you. OKAY I’LL GO come here mom why don’t you come here, its insulting did you apologize to priya yep. I’d gone there with 500 bucks and 2 tomatos to apologize Burt she told me nonsense an went away People will call you nonsense if you don’t use your sense Priya’s love will workout. Seriously?? Say it in your style. Okay.. Whats wrong. Hey whats wrong!! my mom went else i would have asked her about you Don’t worry dear i’ll ask the maid Indira okay? You ask about yourself that’s priya right? angel mom must have sent her you’re coming her for the first time Come with your right leg and bless my office with your purity. STUPID Take your commission. You’ve mistaken us we don’t take commissions hello, see there dad why did you take the money? its a good friday you don’t let the goddess go so i took it okay give her the agreement copy you may sit Whats wrong? You’ll have to take the landlord’s signature No problem i’ll sign it and give it to you in the evening what nonsense you take commission on time but can’t give your work on time, i don’t know anything. Give it to me ASAP on my name its a small thing don’t you worry ma’am Go straight and take a uturn. Thats where the landlords stays. Jonny will go get it signed. Go jonny get it signed and.. okay, keep this wherever you want to in your personal bank C’mon ma’am lets go., STUPID our pizza isn’t correct his actual; name is Bii Jairam but we call him pizza why don’t you call him Jairam chuck it ma’am few days ago you jumped around me in a short frock with a lollipop in your mouth And today you call me bro Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You look like a black monkey I’ve kept your eye sight with me I’ll talk to you later go straight home. I’m calling mom beware Calling bro is trendy oh is it? A brother’s called bro, Sister is sis, doctor’s doc then what’s wrong in calling biijairam pizza angry’s on your nose ma’am What a baby you are. Big father hello!! Coma ma’am have a seat This is the landlord. How’re you beard uncle Am good. How’re you? All your blessings…. My blessings are always with you what are you talking son I get alot but its me who doesn’t vote. Oh you get votes at this age too? Yeah pretty much Whose this girl? IS she your wife? I’m not some wife Jonny explain him. Beard Uncle She’s not my wife infact she’s here to rent a house I can fix it right away. Even you need a wife. what?? Actually beard man in this generation To avoid Loving on facebook, creating a world with video call and downloading kids on whatsapp her father got her married in childhood itself After a year she was the mother of two kids You must’ve seen them on whatsapp dancing like michael jackson She looks young cause of yoga. JONNY WHAT THE HELL!! jonny whose mother am i? you don’t get flats so easily only family people get rooms so you’ll have to adjust Where does your husband work? her husband is a big machine is a machine? Yeah her husband repairs cutting machine, fixing machine, washing machine, etc will he repair my heart’s machine You’ll have to visit a doctor, he makes metal machines who gives birth to two kids at this age do you have any sense? WHAT? how can you be a mother at a small age actually ma’am he’s asking for your personal details before giving you the flat on rent are you done with the operation this old man’s talking shit and so are you neither do i want the flat nor this owner, not even you rascal i want my advance back. i want my money back. Jonny, please leave my hand ma’am please adjust oiling is essential before asking them to sign the papers uncle listen hey i’m illiterate this is an option if you’re illiterate if i knew how to sign i would have swallowed this colonywithout burping how many siblings do you have yeah i understand please wait ma’am i’m a boy and she’s a girl and we both are like monkeys we’re schooling. Why the hell do you care it her family why do you care ?? where are you going?oh i guess she’s angry Black specs black black specs improve yourself, beard uncle, lets have a selfie jonny bro jonny bro suresh has done court marriage do something bro please bro, they’re taking the girl away. I can’t live without her bro come laxmi jonny don’t you dare interfere this is my deal; this guy’s from my colony, leave it i’m explaining you with due respect get lost their family will decide if they’re staying together or away from each other why are you being a villain here hey you go get your wife? Bro that do get her, whatcha scared of? Why are you scared when you love her now go take her bro thank you bro thank you hey how is this 805 bucks peter was buying something in the morning bro That’s not shobub its shobib whats next then he started eating boiled vegetables kept in front of him and then he ordered some bur bur its burger and not bur bur we’ll have to sell ourselves for peter can you see how peacefully is he sleeping peter peter that’s enough daddy he’s bloated after eating so much i allowed you to stay here cause you didn’t have a passport and you’ve been eating things i’ve never smelled like a buffalo you’ve been exercising like a delux tomorrow onwards no subway no burger dad its subway burger subway, burger, subway, burger, SHUT UP! it happens with everyone, are you here straight from the skies you know ragi… RAGIBALL I DON’T KNOW you know tennis ball.. YEA TENNIS BALL i like that it’s a black ball just like evening and night it is concrete no hungry okay i will eat ragiball, ragiball, ragiball, okay.. you’re smart come here small guy Go take him to the dormitory and buy him some street food. Don’t show him anything else come come peter, we go, come come. You also eat somehing buhbye papaa hey come fast Jonny.. Come here my son. You look happy, whats the matter. Come here. Tell me jonny.. mom… What is this mom you always wear the same clothes are you into some washing powder advertisement tell me something don’t you get different colored clothes in your area Why are you acting like Rajnikant. Sit down jonny everything’s clear so don’t take it that easy, you know priya’s not an easy girl Do something she likes and then buy her gifts listen dad angel mom asked me to gift priya what should i gift her ask your angel please help me okay buy her an eight feet sari will she like a sari? i don’t think so correct angel mom why don’t you suggest something girls in today’s generation are more into facebook, whatsapp, twitter, mails instead of home so for this girl living on wifi gift her with 6 months free wifi to impress her then see how connected she will be do you know what did angel mom say what? you have no wife and you aren’t even wise i’m a still virgin what ma’am i’m waiting in the door and calling you so many times you coming so late to receive me i have a good offer to you jonny please don’t disturb me i’m not interested in any offers. I need to send mails sending mail? i have a good free mail oh wifi motive? YES Ambani owns jio to compete it our colony has started lio company completely free oh that’s nice. Which means the call will be free of cost i can make all calls for free if you want to ma’am should i put it? what!! insert it? say fix it instead of insert it idiot sorry ma’am can i fix it should i fix it in the living room? or in the kitchen or bedroom. I can fix it wherever you want to jonny what nonsense he’s talking! What is this insert it, fix it say fix it sorry ma’am where to fix? if you wait here even for a minute i’ll fix you don’t make it quick. Be slow whose this idiot jonny jonny i’ll get you coffee okay ma’am thank you your heart drowns when your head spins coffee i don’t want coffee ma’am why we aren’t those friends to have coffee in a coffee shop we aren’t those kind of friends to sit hand in hand and leg on leg whatever we are friends now thank you ma’am cheers jonny don’t call me ma’am call me priya no priya dear dear you are my rasmalai rasmalai?? greets greets i went to the shop searching for you your dad told me you got an entry, you bought a wife and are on a ride with her that’s not wife, i’m here to fix the wifi tell me whats the news bro our salman’s getting married katrina kaif agreed to it? i meant my son salman, my eighth son who looks like a dog and not salman khan come here sallu don’t worry i’ll handle him he’s your big brother.Go take his blessings. HEY YOU DON’T HAVE TO hey not even hers she’s already worn a short dress you stick to one wife and two children only don’t be like your father with one and ten to fifteen children. Don’t increase the population i’ll think before doing it hey you don’t have to think before doing it. Just bake the patty called control. You understand? yeah and both of you have to attend the wedding.
For sure we will come sallu bro its fixed ma’am don’t forget to put a password else we guys won’t spare it happy wifi ma’am ou can call me whenever you want to i’ll be there with the 4G speed take this coffee bottle thank you hey come on whats wrong with this whats wrong bro why are you sitting here with your head bowed low jonny doctor removed me from the job the doctor kept his name as RamChandra but doesn’t believe in god while hgis mom can’t leave god she wants to visit Ayodhya to meet Sri Ram she wants to hide it from the doctor she asked me to accompany her for the same and thats the reason i’m here Doctor must have found out and thus he kicked you out let the work go if it wants to the lady was admitted today in the hospital she’s in the ICU ward her son says there is no god only science I grew up eating her morsels of food i owe alot to her save the lady together and think of it as a deal how can we take her to Ayodhya when she’s in the ICU i got the idea accept the deal hello son of Anjani speaking pizza is everything ready yes we’re all set okay.. I understood what you want to say hey today’s second saturday all costume shops are closed thus the director i don’t remember his name i went there and got whatever i could thus i’m late oh is it. Hail Hanuman, son ofAnjni now i’m completely into this character now be quick dad. Yes i’ll be there God, pizza’s done with the arrangements now you can enter Wait, wait who are you?? This is Salman Khan and i’m Amir Khan are you here for comedy i’m not a joker there’s our patient on 4th floor ward no. 304 Go pick up the call go wait for a minute go, go dad come fast whats happening there i don’t know them they wanna go to ward no. 304 on the 4th floor in mom’s ward? take them out immediately yes sir hey we’re you going, wait there excuse me Can you help us finding ward no. 304 4th floor shocking shocking eat the banana oh take this banana please come to my darshan is Ayodhya that way sir oh this way come fast nature’s calling Anjani’s son pizza what happen I wanna pee. Where should I go hey listen do it in this bottle God this is acid. It’ll get impure then why didn’t you do it before the makeup how is that possible god Is Hanuman diabetic? May be god here she is the poor mother her name’s Yashodha take your positions as you wish listen pizza yes bro on the music. YES BRO yashodha yashodha open your eyes your ram’s here Hail Ram, Hail Ram, Rachita Ram. Your follower’s online Yashodha don’t see me with mistrust I’m the one in your mind. Ram from Ayodhya You diet every saturday for me I’m the Ram you remember every day and night he’s the six pack Ram you remember while singing. I guess you’re thinking why is this monkey Hanuman with Ram but he’s always stuck to him wherever there’s ram there you’ll find hanuman you’re alright yashodha talk to me you son doesn’t want you to meet me you’re upset about it right? thus Ram and Hanuman are here for you from Ayodhya once again take my name You’re son’s medication, infjection, etc etc won’t work in front of my name I stay in your heart and not in just those frames at your house wake up and look at me and remember me Jonny. YES PAPPA. Lets leave before the security guard catches us. Operation Success Pizza get this out else she’ll die cause of smoke Ram Chandra. You weren’t sending me to Ayodhya thus Ram was himself here to meet me and said i there’s nothing wrong with me and said i’m alright Nothing will happen to you mom. Take me home son i want to visit ram. Okay mom I will take you mom. I lost all hope but you’re alright cause of Ram listen bro its all rented sir should i call the police leave right now. Out we’re caught yes, its a miracle. My mom woke up cause of you guys i don’t know how to thank you you saved my mom nae whatever you want. Money whatever you ask for i’ll give it. SIR THIS COSTUME sir you’ve said a big thing we didn’t do this for money still if you want to give us something kaalia come here. Please keep him again he’s the reason for us coming here oh so this is all your plan okay okay. Be quick. Go get mom’s luggage and keep it in the car. Quick. OKAY SIR Sir there’s a request. SAY IT. As parents grow older they become like kids to fulfill your parents dream is your responsibility in thsi world if there’s anything precious whose debt can’t b fulfilled thats mom she’s not a thing if i’ve said something wrong then forgive me sir i’ll leave sir jonny Don’t worry just follow me. Lets get right. call the ambulance, Jonny what happened. Don’t worry. Remove your shirt. Don’t worry. DOCTOR WHATCHA DOING oh god how long its been baby’s not growing what are you saying doctor i’m checking the temperature temperature? its checked here i’m the doctor, so its my wish oh god its heated enough to make an omlet from a broken egg on your stomach apply water to remove the heat i’m not the patient if you’re not the patient then why’re you so hot my body my heat. Why do you care You won’t be able to control yourself when someone slaps you if your body’s heated. Keep ice cubes whose the patient there he is look properly. He’s a foreigner this foreigner looks like ghee don’t worry when doctor is here. No fear oh god my fair boy, You know what? I’m tire treating Indians . For the first time i’m treating international. You made me treat a foreigner. Thank you You are my brother *KISSES* peter come sit properly. Din’t take any risk look at me I hand is numb injecting the black skin. Hey get me the box quick Fox’s sight, Cock’s sight, Dog’s sight, Frog’s sight, whoever’s bad luck it is will be washed away. Everything will be alright. Take this doctor why are you ringing bells in front of him first time a foreigner’s been sick. Be it a woman or a man, they shouldn’t be sick cause of bad omen break this coconut and spread it everywhere doctor doctor he’s not pregnant are you the doctor Do whatever you want to. I can read his face whether it’ll be a girl or a boy you don’t worry open your eyes tell me do you feel like eating something sour no do you feel like having aawla no no do you love to eat raw mango? Yeah i love mangoes and its confirmed but lemme check it once the kid isn’t doing anything cause he’s sleeping its a good thing. Give me your hand this line’s going straight inside so your kid has an indian father? indian father i understood jonny hey Shanta sister hey jonny i came here to meet you to meet me? Yess where’s your only daughter ma’am please take this very powerful god hey should i say it no bro do you know what has she done what did she do hey didi Some guy’s coming to see Manjula staying there as soon as she came to know about it she gave her bangles to her and told everyone that its lost is this true avtually mom don’t you worry didi she gave the bangles back to me she was scared that you’ll hit her actually she doesn’t share anything in school so i can’t believe she gave her gold bangles to anyone i pray to god when i get the bangles please wait i’ll be back soon yeah sure. The god’s powerful thanks bro did you see it mom does trust you you’ll get various ways to walk but you’ll have to choose the path you concentrate on studies now go home now Why didn’t you tell Chitra’s mom about her habits a girl’s reputation is like a white blanket You can’t completely clean it if it gets dirty. No matter how hard you try Chitra made a mistake cayse she’s small and still doesn’t understand she’ll leave it the day she becomes sensible if i’d complained it would create a barrier between them it would create fights and i personally don’t like it Are you into some social service along with this agency? Oh Please oh god when will you show me this day so many universities are here to offer me job but i havent done MBBS and so i’m left behind Jonny this is too much stop acting you leave this on me they’ll cast you for under the control part 2 oh sorry jonny i have a very important meeting oh tomorrow meeting? yepp. Going alone? Ya I have an interview tomorrow. Oh shit one minute bro hello pizza tomorrow disappoint all cancel cause tomorrow pickup and the drop okay you got it okay so sweet jonny you’re my sweet heart. You’re my rasmalai see you tomorrow at sharp 8 ma’am one minute take this coconut sweet. what for? take it home crush it, mix it properly and apply it to your hair. They’ll shine you keep it to yourself this is your age to make mistakes I hope my interview goes well jonny you o have some coffee or tea i’ll join you once i’m done with the interview. ONE MINUTE please come back what? What is this jonny? very powerful lemon from goddess durga, coming only for your purpose for your happy and going to be success, success and succes jonny you know me right? i don’t believe in such things This is very powerful ma’am. Okay jonny where should i keep it the time i came here first thing i checked was a pocket in your court please keep this you’re a good girl oh god nonsense jonny Priya, yeah? don’t sing navras raag in the interview navras? getting scared or shocked in the interview saying i don’t know etc etc jonny its nervousness and not navras. OHH NERVOUSNESS if you ever get nervous take the lemon kept in your pocket and all your nervousness will be gone crazy fellow jonny wish me all the best good luck good luck good luck..ohh nooo shutup go there i’ll join you come soon okay hey your hair’s so dry apply awla shikakai and come to i will show hoe to cut this is your bag? yeah why are you keeping it here. Take it and how much this wanna coffee i dunno okay that good she’s so buy how much is this coat rent hey its a designer coat oh designer coat so return it ASAP else it’ll get expensive oh this is your documents yes okay good what a certificate, wow what is your education i did my MBA from IIM hyderabad MBBA from hyderabad? which means you didn’t complete SSC take it its useless oh facebook live hello hi. Oh you both are partners of love can you just leave me alone oh i think she couldn’t understand me we both are alone oh what is this yaa what so what so many girls in whatsapp yaa hey wait Male’s here and female’s there why do you enter the ladies toilet hey we both are friends bro is this some PVR, a shopping complex or a coffee shop a person can enter wrong toilet in their childhood but you guys in this age cool buddy take it easy its easy in the beginning but heavy towards the end and thus the BMC toilets on the roads are always busy. Male and female should upgrade their technology but not in the toilets please you go inside see your job you come here and do whatever you want to. I’ve seen alot like you shit i’ll have to improve my english with the help of peter else i won’t be able to maintain my rasmalai i surveyed the whole office all forward people wear small skirt you be careful how was your interview jonny i haven’t joined the company yet its just an interview lets go you know i kept 2 lemons in my pocket to avoid the nervousness good morning boys good morning sir jonny are you ready for your english lesson yes lets go every night in my dreams I guess he’s lost in his world. I SEE you you go on please stop this he’ll fill the entire board i want this dad i want this. Let him write. I’ll learn what he writes let him write. OKAY same lyrics same tune extra ordinary talent jonny priya will love this song oh my god oh my god oh my god okay jonny sing it is he writing behind Ramya catch him Son of a thief, first you robbed slippers outside the temple now you went international How long will i do the same work, shouldn’t i upgrade What are you a MBA or BS to be promoted? They’re here to learn our culture and you rob them and destroy our nation’s respect We give them respect but god knows what they do with us hey who asked you to leave the country for slavery who asked you to be a slave they killed my friend in their country to death? He couldn’t earn here so he went outside to earn for his sister’s wedding and worked hard but they were partial and beat him to death and asked hi m to leave the country else they’ll kill him Listen stop blaming others if you’re a thief your parents are nowhere involved with it don’t blame them stupid give him his bag with the passport remove it apologize i asked you to apologize say sorry indians are great please don’t kill them we’re human too go now leave did you forget my name on the last day i don’ know but my heart wants peter to stay as if there’s some old connection dad i’ll be back after leaving him we indians get easily attached to everyone i’ll tell you somthing? the lemons you gave me to avoid headache not headache but avoid nervousness oh sorry for nervousness i mean i went for an interview right? I got my job i’m finally flying to USA why aren’t you happy? happy happy ma’am happy jonny do you know the meaning of USA United States. I won’t ever come back to India i’ll never come back Hey why are you crying? These are happy tears right? oh my sweet jonny lets go to the same temple ma’am god is great not goddess dad surprise yess You let your stubbornness win. You have met your dreams dad he’s Mr. Jonny jonny deals with all the problems in the colony oh nice jonny he’s my sweet darling father. My hero listen to me I have a surprise for you do you know what it is? WHAT? whats wrong jonny here take this I think my life will be shattered why son cause my Priya’s going to America look don’t make quick decisions about phone and wife there are new models everyday so you should wait the whole colony doesn’t have only one Padmavati Its not that even angel mom told me i would be single if not PRIYA mom where are you mom mom where where? MOm’s there mom my son’s wants to talk to you so tell him are you here to tell me to drop priya at the airport and wish her luck jonny your heart hurts right now right? priya still lies in your heart right? nobody can take her from you. Have some patience everything has a reason. So what should i do now? Just wait and see somebody will enter your life to get a twist in your love story. Byee hi jonny i thought i’ll treat you guys for my daughter got her visa who are you? I’m jonny jonny yes papa this is new. Son and father are rinking together. Are there any restrictions thus i didn’t marry anyone. am a bachelor and a virgin so you have a child without marriage he’s not my real father he’s been rented just like you helped my daughter rent a flat sir don’t drink it dry. Add water to it. Single Stuff indians are becoming foreigners for drinking today i am very happy my daughter got job in USA. Be it education or a job she didn’t take my help anywhere. Just like me what else does a father want i prayed in 20 temples after which i got this girl god keeps his account perfect gave me one and took another girl was born and my wife died look my daughter gifted me on father’s day its written papa i love you papa i love you i kept it for 20 years just like some expensive thing but luck changed everything in a second I saw her since she was small. Took care of her. Gave her a dad’s as well as a mom’s love this is my only life after she goes to USA i dreamt alot for retirement i’ll see her marriage, play with her kids but they’ll be dreams only why are you so sad’ don’t send her to America and make her marry someone. NO i won’t interfere in my daughter’s happiness but if she herself decides to stay her i’ll be the most happiest person on earth we’ll be happier than you sir jonny i’ve heard you deal with many people yeah! Then take this as a deal and do it Repeat yourself ? Don’t let priya go let her marry here and settle here itself and its a deal you have to do rasmalai has itself entered your mouth i’ll do anything to complete this ! Don’t let priya know i’m involved in this Lets start Operation America. Again i’ll make this clear. Don’t involve me anywhere okay.. no sir we don’t want commission please keep it. No i’m a decent person sir okay everybody enjoy don’t deny the incoming tonic its weekend i’ll be back after a song okay but be back soon. OKay just 3 mins 35 secs close your eyes. But whose the master? MURLI hey its a patch work though you go to america and do patch work here. I’ve already committed ya dad we’ll have to succeed in operation USA any how its for my life what if we hijack priya’s flight there’s no place for our plan where will we land the flight near carrebian sea? this is impossible. Shit hey tv’s on yay i did it gotcha we’ll start a new channel we’ll showcase the troubles faced by indian girls when they go to foreign land You’re part is over payment? Collect it from your dad thank you did you see this sir When our girls go to the states this is what happens and yet miss Priya is firm on going there what can i do if she goes abroad why are you stubborn do you want this to be your life? NOOO Can we stay here in peace if you go there? no we can’t Mrs Sheela you went there for job purpose then why did you shift your focus its your mistake and others are the ones suffering Stupid. Actually priya… DAD Dad staying here will increase your blood pressure. C’mon lets go how was my performance wow, superb. I like it no i don’t like it excuse me I ready if that child needs a father i’m still virgin You always talk about your virginity and i’m here thinking of how to stop her from going to the states none of your ideas are working now we don’t want him we’ll replace him come you stupid keep it here excuse me sir hello ma’am Hi jonny hello uncle why hav you brought? What’s in this parcel its that priya ma’am ‘s leaving the country you’ll be alone after that thus this is a small gift from look at it sir this is another daughter of yours, just like her this is priya and she’s haripriya she’ll roam but never leave you 24 hours 365 days day and night she be with you only welcome my dear daughter you’re here for the first time c’mon i’ll show you around, so where do we start? Washroom? dad dad jonny come here jonny what is this? When you’ll leave the country, your dad will be alone so she’ll be there with him let your father be happy with this daughter and you go to America happily Am i right? Your Stupid but its nice right? jonny what is all this? were you sleeping? no i were dancing okayyy. What’s the date today? speak the truth its 12 stupid then its september 14 so what is in september 14 what is september 14 dad’s birthday i forgot dad’s birthday behind this visa thingi jonny jonny i’ll go wish dad you think i’m here just to inform you ? please get your dad near the office why are you sleep walking? whereas Your sister here is walking properly welcome sir welcome look at it sir. Your daughter has done this wonderful decoration for your birthday she’s arranged everything she’s made a beautiful cake for your birthday. Look at it sir no my daughter can’t order such a cake daughter come here daughter. quickly see she didn’t even come when i asked but she did when you aksed happy birthday dad no chance. My daughter never calls me dad your sister called me dad for the first time it feels good to hear it. Daddy, daddy come here and see the cake daughter. Daddy daddy priya will you wish me from your mouth now. C’mon c’mon happy birthday dad sir the party’s going well sir. A single bottle is waiting for you there hey not in front of my daughter don’t worry sir, we’ll handle it sir even she’s here can i tie her outside sir? whats wrong with you Is she some dog to be tied. You don’t talk to me sorry sir. I’ll apologise to your daughter also pizza your sister’s feeling cold. Take her to the bedroom and help her sleep where are they doing jonny you know about the 60s 90s with soda in the parties? then why didn’t you go i swear to my mom i don’t have such habits i prefer kitty parties come lets have some tea jonny you can make tea ? yes ma’am when i’ll marry a girl like you, i’ll have to look after the household nothing ma’am. the stove uses kerosine. So i’ll have to pump it abit jonny thank you so much dad’s so happy and its all because of you oh no no no no. Thank you jonny. You’re very sweet i’ll miss you guys after going to the states thus am waiting to make you my wife What!! if you’d settle here. I could find a good guy for you to marry you didn’t even ask me my choice of life and the guy i want you didn’t say it before. C’mon tell me now first make the tea then i’ll tell you i want to marry a spicy guy like you someone to protect my family should be physically strong like you should be highly educated and the last point shouldn’t be black like you he should be fair let me know if you find one i’ll go ahead and accept him him. Okay?? i’ll send your photo to the maternity site and ask them to find a guy for you oh god jonny its matrimony matrimony? i’ll send it to I think my parents must have gone to Kolahar for their honeymoon i would have sent them to kashmir if i would have known it before i would’ve born red like kashmir’s cold i have a manufacturing defect because of you and people called me black i won’t spare you if you come in front of me anybody there? call your husband he’s out fo some work he’ll get late you can leave for now no problem i can wait till he’s back go get me tea with less sugar, i’m diabetic YEAH! We don’t drink tea hey girl is this your way to handle the world there’s no chimes on the door, no gangolis near your house what the hell very bad and what is this outfit i can see evrything you’re a mother of two kids how do you stay what’s all this? How long should I keep it? I can’t do this anymore. I’m removing it This is bangkok cream. Be it bangkok or andmanu, have you ever seen the difference in our natural shade i don’t want it Priya didi’s calling you. Put it on speaker son Hello? Jonny where are you? Priya i’m home. JONNY The old irritating man with the beard has been torturing me he’s been asking me for my husband I’m here What? I mean i’ll think about it Oh god i can’t take this torture anymore jonny please come fast okay dad… I understood son I don’t know who’ll be her actual husband, but here i got a chance to be her duplicate one Go leave fast. My blessings are with you, come go fast What is this? This is green tea I know 90. What is this green tea This is very bad Its like a mixed water you give me one glass water your husband hasn’t arrived. Where’s he? he’s on his way i’ll bring bring it in copper glass Oh dad what brings you here? Whats the matter Do i need permission for entering my house First tell me who are you? I’m her husband Don’t blush come here, sit down Are to planning to steal a cock by applying coal You’re the one to repair all the machines right? What can I do when a beautiful girl like her tied me up, i need different sources of income to keep my house going then why did you marry such a girl when you make food and do the dishes as well take your hand stand up You’re old and still you continue speaking whatever you feel like You’re talking shit regardless your inner personality We’ve given the deposit and pay you on time so leave My machine isn’t working Your machine isn’t working? We have no time to repair your machine. Do it yourself why is he here with the question paper didn’t you understand what’s this? there’s nothing new in this Priya’s departure is near, we’ll have to visit the hospital for medical checkup after getting the fitness certificate Her problems will be solved. No one can stop her from going to the states don’t you worry sir. we’ll set the hospital its not that easy It’s a reputed hospital we’ve got the mail from thus it can’t be ignored Sir we’ll send the mail from down albeit we’ve received it from up Are you ready sir listen carefully on the first floor there’s a bench in front of Dr. Hallappa’s cabin You go and sit there Dad its a hospital please be quiet Here it is. Come is she your daughter she’s asking you whether about your daughter yeah she is she’s pretty can i marry her he’s frivolous you’re really lucky you have atleast a daughter to get you to the hospital we have none in our lives why don’t you have kids not one infact we have two kids but are useless we raised them in front of our eyelids they liked studying so they left for america to study who takes care of you now she takes care of me while i take care of her we raised them but they aren’t here in our old age so whats the use cry how much ever you want to when i asked you to have more children you were the one fighting and today you regret it those days you had more fats every parent cries when their kid is away yeah, let her cry you sit away from me now i’m the one moving away children don’t understand their parent’s feelings they only care about themselves dad true that whats the use of living this way no matter how far they go atleast they’ll be here to see your dead bodies what are you talking chuck it sir our neighbors had a child he left india his sick mom dead and for three days her body laid limp while his dad died too after 3 days its shocking their son didn’t even return after their death these kids don’t understand. You’r dad’s next to god do you understand are you miss priya yes. Doctor’s calling you i’ll be back soon go daughter go excuse me doctor you’re going leaving for states for job why? Don’t you get job in our country why don’t you find a job here why states? i’ll get it you can get it here but why are you going to the states for slavery or are you planning to get married there we’re born here should we should pay its debt. So stay here and pay its debt that is my ambition are you vegetarian or non vegetarian what you mean? i mean your favorite food idli, wada, sambar, dal pakwan won’t be available except for burgers I can adjust doctor. What will just adjust your head? are you habitual to cold storage items why would i eat cold food what do you mean there’s no life without a freezer in the states they get food on monday and keep on eating it till sunday. I hate states so don’t go will you do the check up give me your hand atleast dive me your hand you have good lines on your palm your daily bread is written here then are you going there for a bun doctor what shit are you talking about I’m saying the truth you show me again lets see the sun line you should have married by now and should’ve had a child What nonsense are you talking doctor. this is total shit there’s no foreign line on your palms. How will you go there you need a visa and not a line for visiting states show me your tongue your stethoscope’s here yeah yeah wait, i’ll adjust. You cool down give me your hand this blood group cannot go to states so i won’t send you there your blood group is positive and people staying there are negative thus i cannot send you there doctor’s are here to svave lives and not take lives i can’t see you going there and killing a kid what nonsense are you talking. What kind of a doctor are you whats your purpose for going there Its a cheap job. I can get you a better job here Come here from tomorrow and be a receptionist Shut up. What nonsense are you talking. You’re a fake doctor. I’ll complaint the authorities and get you kicked out from here Bloody uneducated doctor. Stupid stop playing music we’ve been waiting for you Sister what’s the matter? Jonny.. I’ll say I’ve received a complaint that young girls are made to work in the missionary they’re harassed i know them since childhood sir she’s not that type you think i don’t know she’s really nice. She sacrifices for the poor and needy The actual thing is that the MLA and his goons living there are planning to build up a complex in that area. May worms fall in their mouth I blood’s boiling after listening this And you’re still calm. Go arrest them They’ve given me a bribe of 50 lakhs to support them I don’t want their bloody money. Their throwing a bone thinking i’m a dog you proved yourself today Go arrest them straight away. I could have done it Jonny but for the first time i have a chance to showcase my talent in Mangluru I’ve been invited in a classical dance program They don’t know this. They think i’ll be working on their footsteps but i’ve played them here and have also informed my relative to not sign the docs this is the best chance. Should I go What shit is this. You’ve been speaking whatever comes in your mouth what will they do if you go there to dance play instruments to run your brain i’ll give you my uniform. Then you can go there and teach them a lesson Are you kidding me ? Seriously you want me to go there? Nobody knows you there someone else have sent the bribe money, we spoke over a call so nobody have seen me yet you know whose the commissioner ? My relative Rishab Shetty Don’t worry i’ll handle everything he’s not lying Jonny You’ll have to do something else we’ll come down to the streets you’re the only savior for me and the kids I’m inspector Rakshar Shetty from rainbow colony the deal’s done? What shit are you talking about. Am I here to tell you this stuff ? Find another place for the complex, that’s a school you idiots School is for studying, and look at you, seems you have no interest in it. If you kick poor kid’s ass, i’ll beat you without polishing my boots and tie you with its lace while taking you to the station rascals you don’t know my power you think i’m scared you can’t do anything except transfer but still i’ll be wearing this uniform I’ll start my bullet and go for a ride whenever i wish to. I don’t care, don’t care, i don’t care You’re flying in this outfit switch off the lights friends i’m removing my clothes Brother this is Shahrukh’s style Listen keep Shahrukh aside and Salman in the front but don’t tell anyone i look like them Don’t worry, I’ve had a perfume bath Don’t you watch television? Girls follow you when you use perfumes you help me come near didi them i’ll maintain it. What will i do with the other girls i’ll spray a lil so only didi can smell it only little else many people will start following me the moment i saw her in a sari i thought as if.. i haven’t worn a sari its a suit bro look at my aunt bro hii jonny you are looking so handsome priya handsome? wowww jonny you’re looking very beautiful ohh yes, thank you thank you..okayy lets go.. yeah lets go go home loafer enjoy bro nice decorations man the guy seems rich thus the decorations are so shiny jonny behave yourself i friends how’re you? hii long time priya hey jonny these are my friends they friends this is jonny. I’ll be back in two minutes okay hello jonny what company you work in do you have a website site? that 30-40, 40-50, corner, north east corner, west east corner, 100-500 and according to vaastu shastra a yoga’s devotee to side but no other do you have any collaborations with the other countries ohh celebration see like jan kite flying celebration, then holi, ganesh chaturti all festivs we are celebration, me and dad daily eating quater without water and pickle attimes very tasty very tasty This is pritam this is my best friend priya. Hi Happy Married Life. You guys look awesome wish them happy new year its happy married Oh sorry that was bymistake. Happy married life. This is your new husband jonny oh i like this coat but mine is better it is designed by Yogiji Raj Yogendra Swabhijikar by the way first night today or tomorrow? heyy Priya. rahul. Hii. How are you man I’m fine how are you? I’m good thank you Rahul this is jonny, jonny this is rahul my friend hi jonny jonny you know what he’s the topper in the batch he’s the genius hey c’mon priya, c’mon, c’mon thats okay you know what? you’re jonny right can you give us a moment tell me rahul why is it a secret that you’re going to america secret? how do you know this c’mon a person staying in America will know who’ll be joining him oh my god you know what ya there is another surprise you are joining my company and we are going to be colleagues oh my god that is so good jonny dad will be really happy to know that there’s someone there. Rahul come lets meet someone jonny please have food before leaving jonny my boy hello why are you sad whats wrong baby look there fruit grown on my tree is eaten by someone else jonny don’t call me mom i’m goddess hey shut up and get lost, goddess, go leave listen goddess me and her are nowhere related why what happen jonny she’s a soft wear while i’m a hard wear she’s pizza burger and i’m litthi chowka how silly jonny look we match perfect pairs only but you’ll lose a good relationship for your selfishness thus they say simplicity is the best a foolish devotee is better than a egoistic pandit you your dreams will come true have some patience go mom jonny this is not a deal its your life cheer up, byee she’ll come and say stuff then leave but i’m the one suffering a lover needs multiple faces oh jonny to your bad luck the food’s over. I got only ice cream hey good luck yess… Stop It you want feed me have it i told you jonny have patience, now lets play a song really? jonny listen be careful whose car is this whose he daddd yeah son whats the matter the guy’s here for living together, we’ll have to do something i murder him if i have to stram astram finish this guy param hey hey there hello sir i am jonny, yesterday prita pritam first night okay its reception, yeah recornation thats funny can you show me priya’s house where does priya stay yeh before that will you come see our company i don’t have time online booking its the biggest company you guys have your own company? YEAH. Really? this is like a godown i thought its a really big company this is company, yeah, although small its a business please sit. ITS OKAY, I’M A SIMPLE GUy. Please sit don jonny you guys relax its okay whom do you work for we keep a weapon puja for all the chain snatcher and the the outsiders who harass females and its pretty big from long long ago to so long age we chose only one long weapon one hit of this weapon can cut you into two halves you want to teach it or feel it then i can sho you. See no no jonny its okay please he’s a superman bro oh my king, the owner’s here you know i brought the entire leg oh this guy’s obsessed with legs, he gets a leg when he comes here tell me whose leg you’ve brought you know the guy from the adjacent colony, he always stared at the college girls. Bro warned him but he didn’t even listen so i bought it you’ve worked hard my son feed it to your dogs okay dad. You’re always feeding them by the way sir after going to the states you and priya oh yeah let me tell you i’m planning to buy a big villa with swimming pool just imagine a glass of vine, candle light dinner so romantic just imagine and living together jonny this gun here’s being rusted you’ll have to use it on someone its loaded man i’m sorry, i’m really sorry but its locked and won’t work now you’re safe why don’t you understand sir this is all priya’s pln, you work for the nation but can’t give me priya’s address wouldn’t you hit me if it wasn’t priya you scared me he’s a gentle man, he’s a sensible man don’t worry sir, don’t worry. Priya is like my friend sh’s my cousin, arey my mom is it okay? You wouldn’t send her if she was your sister okay lets do it, hey pizza c’mon c’mon this is priya’s special brother you take him his house okay did you get what he said mr. pizza its BJRam and not BJ will you taste this hot blood its a birthday today, stop making issues out of small things how do i explain you, okay sir c’mon priya told me america big company you’re seeing everything there very good are your parents okay with the climate there? NO SIR my parents are here i live there alone then who takes care of them i’ve kept two people to take care of them and they earn monthly 30k for it nice do you call them daily Although i’m busy but i always call them once a week very good what if you wish to see them video calling is always an option love, affection, etc etc all over a call? sir we should make use of technology yes good, good what if they get older oldage home i’ve seen the best old age home in our country, the best yeah that’s cool good, i’ll be back you’re looking so sweet stand up stand up give me your hand Why sir? I said give me your hand you can’t take care of your mom and you want my daughter you’ll explain, you’ll explain!! You want parents till your an adult then all you want is america you will enjoy earning dollars and here your parents willsuffer for basic needs i give them thirty thousand monthly you’ll send them to oldage home once they get old you 420. If you ever call priya and show her dreams of america, big company, good work, etc etc i won’t spare you dad dad here come here daughter Hi Rahul how’re you? Dad this is Rahul my friend i met him already did you share your america pl;ans with dad I’ve decided that i’ll be settling here with my parents I won’t be going to america i think even you shouldn’t go takecare of your dad this is my advice for you dad, whats wrongwith him? he got knowledge got knowledge? yeah i’ll do it right away. Just give me sometime thank you oh god whats wrong Priya? You look tensed dad I’ve been fucked up after coming to this colony should I call the doctor? Dad, can you ever be serious Okay speak up Something is wrong dad My plans shouldn’t have been hampered this way There’s no relation between the company and this hospital They’ve changed my couriers and files to stop me from joining the company Still the company’s trusted me and they’ve sent a repeat letter thank god I called them in time Else I wouldn’t have had the visa Who must have done it dad. Don’t you worry child I’ll deal with this dad you will deal? stop kidding dad you can’t even take you own things from the cupboard yeah jonny will be perfect for this Dad, i’ll go meet Jonny okay bye bye He’s the juggling master you’re trusting the person who planned this game jonny hearty welcome the hero of rainbow colony do you know the meaning of love hero is the one who helps people i pity those people they don’t even know That you’re a fraud and have destroyed many houses I trusted you like those people and got cheated what happened priya what happen? you’re such a good actor look I’ve been planning this since days and you destroyed it do you know how hard i’ve worked for this do you know how hard girls work for it you aren’t even educated illiterate tear this and paste it on your face priya this stop This was all i wanted. Its my life. It’s my dream who the hell are you to stop me from going to the states My dad doesn’t have any problem with me who the hell are you who are you!! actually you shut up you’re so old and still have no sense I feel like filing a complaint in the station against you guys whats wrong priya come dad come look you always said friends are like mirrors they’ll tell you your character when you meet them I made a mistake choosing them. and so did you you always said Jonny is nice and hardworking guy they are the one who created the channel we saw few days ago They are the reason for me not getting the visa There’s a reason behind it.DIDI a fake doctor a fake courier the Sheela the milkshake everything was planned dad that’s it dad from today we are leaving this colony We won’t see their faces ever again hey don’t touch him dad call the ambulance hello ambulance rainbow colony, come fast I won’t leave you guys if anything happens to him Dad whats happening to you dad. Open your eyes.Please dad Dad please open your eyes dad, Drive fast!! I’ll take care of you dad Dad please open your eyes I’m alright, i’m alright. GOD HE’S A GHOST!! Jonny Don’t get scared dear. I’m alright. Look at me There’s nothing wrong with me My heart and my brain’s alright. DAD Are you okay? I’m alright dear. This was the last thing i tried to stop you from going there You’re acting?? He’s the one helping me I had a deal with him to stop you from going to the states how can you do this to me dad Daughter don’t please don’t cry. I can’t see you crying. Please don’t cry I hate you I can’t live without you Priya. If you still want to go there you go. I won’t stop you You go wherever you want to be it America or UK. Jonny c’mon apologize. Sorry. I don’t want your sorry. Get lost Driver take a u turn Actually there was a miscommunication I’ve got the right papers now can we take it forward no no no I’m requesting you jonny yeah i’m sending another painter at your house Miss Shanta Lets paint it new dad whats wrong with you Priya’s visa is confirmed thats it? come sit don’t worry about it. Sirt down you don’t care about it? tell her what you feel this is the only wish i have i’m for you and you’re for me this friendship is forever is our work. We help people and listen to them. Isn’t it what you taught us and i understood there’s nothing called love love is always risky and there’s alot of mistrust and can break you that was true not only that she’s stubburn even after her dad explained her she wants to go to the states when who the hell am I If Priya doesn’t love me why should i go behind her. This isn’t correct do a thing The person pizza went to meet ask pizza there’s alot of work in the office he the one who always works handles the customers takes care of the office takes care of the diet do you understand? here we live, here we die, there’s nowhere else to go I’ll be back soon. There’s an important work to be completed hey jonny did you see that jonny she doesn’t care. She did what she wanted now she’ll settle in America and call me there too and my retired life will be sorted what will you do you’re correct your daughter’s very strong there’s still time. Go stop her go to the airport and stop her i know you’re more upset than me with her leaving the town no sir how much ever a dad loves his daughter her husband loves her more than that and i know it i won’t get a son in law better than you are you telling the truth sir stop talking non sense. I know you love her too much. I too had a love marriage but i wasn’t a coward I had gone on a strike for it Instead of crying on the day she comes back with two kids go and propose her right now I need your blessings father in law. Your daughter’s my Rasmalai i won’t go alone for this. I want you all to accompany me Is the car ready? YES IT IS lets go together ma’am the flight to USA you understand a value of something when you’re about to lose it by the way after you leaving the colony Actually priya your dad had a deal with me is the truth but I also had a personal motive in it actually i erm i love you with all my heart i loved you before and always will no matter how big is a mistake god will always forgive it and gives him a chance to improve and a true love if i’ve ever made a mistake its unintentional and please don’t take it seriously give me a chance priya you’re like a goddess to me I apply foreign products and get fair for you i can buy you alot of ice creams and chocolates whenever you want to but please don’t leave me priya priya priya pleasae don’t go priya please don’t go every night in my dream i feel you i see you that is how i know you i gone i gone i gone jonny its not I GONE you gone you get up get up youi don’t go. GET UP are you done? yess you love me no but there’s a condition atleast you’ll take me to foreign for our honeymoon after marriage come here i don’t have a passport we can go to Mahableshwar, Mysore or Ooty, Lonavala or Khandala.. jonny!! Dad. The lover will take the bride happy forever end