Hi, it’s been a while. There’s gonna be no intro, not like there is really ever an intro. I’m just gonna have some watermelon juice right now. So I was editing the vlog and I realised, it’s really not to my liking. I’m re-filming a few things. So you guys have to sit through what I had to sit through when I was editing. Good stuff. So, hey, it’s been on time. Some of you may know that I had a friend stay with me CP. She stayed with me for a couple months and she’s gone back home now. So I’m finally kind of getting used to working to my full capacity, but at the same time also having my sister stay with me for now because she’s got part-time work. I work from home, right? So any distraction will just throw me off completely. I’ve been trying. I’m trying to get better at just ignoring people. [Laughs] Yeah, I hope you guys are really well. I have been dealing with a few health things whether or not those will affect things in the future, we will see, but I don’t think it’s gonna be anything to worry about. Well, we don’t know but we’ll see. So yeah, the main reason why I want to speak to you, is to show you guys, okay. Okay. He’s creeping up. So if you follow me on Twitter, you may have already have seen him. So you all already know but, this was my secret project since January maybe. Was it January? End of January. It took a lot out of me to create this because, When you make something like this, there’s a lot of back and forth with the supplier and they don’t always come up with the thing you’re envisioning. So, I think it was stressful. I’m not gonna lie and I was even considering only making the one and then that was it because I just didn’t want to really deal with any other complications that may happen, but thanks to you guys, who are interested in him. I will be opening – I haven’t even introduced him yet. Okay, right. Here we go. Here he is! “Yay!” So, this is my Kie plushie. My OC Kie plushie. Isn’t he really cute? He’s like 20 centimeters tall. I have a big head guys. He’s made out really high-quality materials. Let me show you the embroidery here. It took them a long time to understand what I was going for with the points here and the eye embroidery and things like that but I’m really happy with the result. Finally. Everything is removable. I added the scarf myself. We went to a fabric store and I purchased this material and the shoes are separate as well. So I will be including both of these and yes, he is available to order if you would like to purchase him I do know that the price is quite expensive for a plushie but he is a collectible item, He was completely designed from scratch and so because of the cost of production and everything, I’m afraid of what be able to change that price. My store is currently open but it’s only got this plushie as the listing on it. Thank you to any of you who decide to adopt him. Anyway, yeah, I’ll show you can take off his hoodie like this. His back also has two tone. Some things will change because this is still the first sample. This is the sample I received. [Bang on floor] Uh, [laughs] So some things may change. You could take the shoes off, see. They are like little stubs like his feet. So the shoes can fall off quite easily. But if you just have him displayed, he stands really, really well and he doesn’t really budge and it’s quite steady. I’ll show you in a second. So yeah, there’s his shoes and then his jacket can come off here. I’m really happy with the jacket in the end. I never got the type of string here. I actually wanted a thicker kind of like a shoelace type of sting, but I guess they just couldn’t do it but the hoodie itself is really nice. One of the things that I’ll probably change is this area under his chin. It’s kind of ugly to me. It was something I kept bothering and bothering about and they’ve told me that in the final, they will improve it. So fingers crossed it won’t look as awkward as it does here. The hoodie has my logo here. You can see his bellybutton [Laughs] I’ll let him keep his decency but he does have shorts on but yeah, you can take his clothes off. You could make him clothes. I’m just gonna put this hoodie on him. I’ll show you how you stands up. Aren’t you cute? Yeah, this is the fabric. It’s really nice fabric but I think I’ll be changing it because it’s actually the type of fabric that malts on everything. So it was getting all over his clothes and the skin. I’ve had to use a lint roller and tape to get it off. Aw, it’s doing it right now. [Laughs] I’d rather avoid that for you guys. I’ll try to source a better material. I’ll put the shoes on and I’ll show you how he stands. Sadly. I couldn’t customise the shoes. So they’re just like converse shoes. Yeah, they’re the cute. They’re like the perfect size. [Haha] So here he is. Oh actually I should move him to the side. Here you go. He is all stood up proud. [Laughs] Oh, I just didn’t put on his jacket properly. I’m sure you guys will be much more kind to him. Thank you for all the positive feedback. I’m happy now to open the bulk order. We’ll see how it goes. I guess it’s like a new adventure in a very scary way I’m gonna be making cute drawstring bags for him to live in. Hopefully that goes well too and yeah, that’s it. The link will be below. Thank you guys for being so patient with me with everything. I’m gonna be away for like two weeks starting next week and then we’ll see how September goes. All this is gonna be over before I know it. I guess I’ll show you what I built the other day. This bookshelf. There was one on IKEA that I wanted to order, it had three columns but the shipping was like £40 by itself. So I was like nah, man. Even though it seems small, I managed to fit most things. Here is like a small book collection I have. Prints and business cards of which I need to make a new one of. This is like packaging stuff, backing boards, small envelopes and cello bags. Biodegradable by the way. Then these are miscellaneous things that I use for packaging like stickers and labels. Here are a few of the copies of sketches 2018 I have. Here are the remainder of sketch logs I have and then oh, I have forgot! I forgot to tell you guys.Guess what I managed to restock? The Kie sketchbook. The back is different this time. It actually has the back that intended for it to have. Yeah, I will make another video in the future for when these will actually go up, because I am currently in the midst of reprinting the mental vacation sketchbook too Once that’s with me. I will pop both of them up and reopen my shop properly. It’ll probably be in September now, I don’t really want to wait that long, but because the supplier I’m using for mental vacation is a different supplier, I just want to make sure everything is okay before I make it available. So I hope you don’t mind the wait. [Laughs] This box is just charms. Yeah, that’s most of my stock now. Here is just scrap stuff. All my bubble wrap is in this box here now. It’s a whole box of bubble wrap. It’s insane. Tape and things like that. Stickers. Under here, is where I kept all of my envelopes for now, All the remaining ones. Actually, that’s a lie. There’s some behind the bookshelf. [Laughs] There’s another box of my sketches 2018. Yeah, I think this will make my life a little bit easier with packing orders. Whilst I’ve been here, I’ve kind of not really had a system and it’s been a bit hectic. I’m just doing things as they come. To be honest is it’s quite tiring. I really need to organise myself. I keep saying that. This year’s the year of organisation. I feel like I’ve achieved quite a lot in terms of conventions and being better at knowing what to stock, how much to stock and also the way I pack and how I arranged my setup and my table, I’m quite happy with the direction I’ve been taking this year. This vlog will include footage from MCM Manchester and that’s my final con now. Sadly, Comic Fiesta aren’t accepting foreign artists this year. So sadly, I won’t be able to apply for a table there. Even though I had this big grandiose plan of going this year. I suppose it’s not meant to be. I’m quite hopeful that something will be sorted though. So maybe I could consider going next year instead. Thank you to everybody who kept contacting me with info regarding Comic Fiesta this year. Really sorry that I can’t go. We’ll see how next year is with that. Okay, I think I’ve been blabbing for too long. Enjoy the rest of the vlog. There’s little clips from when we went to London and when we went to visit The Little Mandarin shop. It’s so cute, if you guys are ever in London or in the area, definitely check it out. I’ll put the address on the website below. They’re a print and illustration shop. They also sell confectionery. I’ve been working with them for the past few months, and I’m really happy and honored to have some my work stocked with them. The owner is delightful. Definitely go check them out, support them, support local business. And yeah, enjoy the rest of vlog. I’ll see you -See you, I don’t know, I’ll see you at some point. I will probably be filming my trip because it’s art related and I’m super excited about it. So yeah, I will see you then. Bye! [Laughs] [Music] Just got to the venue, g ot my coffee and we’re just gonna do the last minute setup arrangements. And put that stuff out and this out and that’s about it. I need to also found a place to put my Kie plushie on display. I need to make a “please do not touch” sign because he’s a little fragile. Oh hey. I’m filming. I think this one’s fan art. I think it’s Final Fantasy. (CP) I don’t know what that is. (sush) She does have some originals. (CP) I see, aw. Do you have those things that Kiwi does. Those paperclips that folds under? (sush) Metal ones? I don’t have any paperclips. (CP) I know I have some of the like – (sush) I might have metal clips or safety pins. Good luck to anyone who’s actually trying to find me at this con because I didn’t write trickywagon on the program when I booked it. [Background noise] (Tanoid) The show will be opening in 25 minutes. Please make sure your stands are show ready, all products are out of the aisles and everything you own is within the confines of your stand. The show is beginning in 25 minutes. [Background noise] (CP) Can you help me with this? Yeah it might have to be quite tight. [Background noise] Yeah, it should be fine, thank you. Do you have a !do not touch” sign? (sush) No. (sush) Aw cute! [Laughs] (Kiwi) Aw that’s cute! (sush) Do you need help? [Background noise] (Kiwi) So I was thinking obviously like ten. but like that’s a huge one so like ten and ten, eight. And five or six (sush) Or maybe seven or eight. (Kiwi) I don’t have that many of them. Maybe six. (sush) If they really want it, they’ll buy it. because I don’t budge on my charms. They’re 8. (Kiwi) Oh, yeah, so I think if it’s like eight then eight, then it should be. Then a six or five. (sush) I think five or a deal, like two for ten. (Kiwi) oh, yeah. That’s good. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. (sush) How much for this one? So cute! (Kiwi) Four or five. Four? Because that’s one single sticker but it’s such a pain to do the whole thing. (sush) Four or five) I think you go five. So cute. (Kiwi) You tossed me money at dokomi and I’m still mad about that. (sush) Oh shoot, I forgot to bring an extra print for display. (Kiwi) Which one did you forget? (sush) This one. It’s okay. (Kiwi) Do you have something I could put, like a – Sorry, you don’t have to get it now. (sush) Could you put something behind it. (Kiwi) Or I can just – No, no, no, no. Wait. I can just – (Tanoid) MCM Comicon Manchester will be opening in two minutes. [Background noise] [inaudible chatter] It’s quarter past two, how do you think it’s going? (Kiwi) Absolutely no idea. (sush) I think it’s going OK. (Kiwi) It’s good
(sush) It’s good. (Kiwi) It’s slow but good. (sush) Slow but good. [Laughs] We’re chilled so I think. Very chill. That’s why we’re not stressing about it. I think it’s fine though because my expectation was quite low. (Kiwi) Yeah, not pressed for anything. So whatever we do is good. Yeah. We’re just here to have a good time. [Laughs] I met Ny and she gave me this. It’s a notebook and she draw this on it. It’s so pretty. Thank you Ny, it was really nice to meet you. Is it even? [Both laugh] No, it’s not even! We’ve been sending notes through this board. Because we’re on opposite sides separated by this huge wall. Do you want to write something? [Knocking] Yes! [Laughs] Day two. I decided not to go to see Bryan in the end. We’re not going. Sorry Bryan. (Kiwi) I’m advertising. What you doing here Anita? What you doing here? (Anita) You’re Anita aren’t you? I’m sush. (Anita) How was your day today sush? (sush) It’s okay, got my coffee. It’s 12 now so I guess it will get a little bit busy but I am not expecting much. What about you? (Anita) My table’s slow. So you know how I can’t use my fingerprint right now because I cut my finger (Anita) Aw, Poor Sush. (sush) I have to get my password. (Jia) Oh, I’m what? Oh what? Hi. (sush) Where are we? (Jia) We’re sitting on the floor waiting to get – Well, I’m getting an autograph and you’re like doing a cheapskate thing. Going to met Bryan DeChart, Connor, the Android sent my Cyber Life. (sush) I talked her into getting a selfie. (Jia) Yeah, I’m gonna get selfie with him and probably autograph as well because you’re an enabler. I need to borrow money from you. (sush) I’m just gonna give them this charm and cheap out on the autograph and selfie. Maybe. Maybe I’ll get selfie in the end. (Jia) Yeah maybe (sush) It seems kinda worth it. (Jia) Yeah ’cause I feel like you wait all this time you might as well I get something out of it as well, like a like a memento keepsake, (sush) Yeah, that’s true, well I have about an hour to think about it Oh wait are they out? They’re so cute. I don’t know! You go first! [Both laugh] (Jia) Kicking me in the front. I told you this happens. You didn’t believe me! (Jia) Oh, I’m not ready for this. (sush) Drawing Anita’s boys. Look at this sketchbook guys. (Tanoid) Power to the stands will be switched off in 20 minutes. Power to the stands will be switched off in 20 minutes. [Background noise and music] (Tanoid) This is a security announcement. Exhibitors and contractors are reminded that the break down is a time of high risk and valuables should not be left unattended. [Background noise and music continues]