Hey guys and welcome back to my channel! Today, I’ll be going to a place called (ahh) Mokpo with my friends and she’s driving *here* and that’s her sister, yeah and, my Friend. *laughs* (theme song plays)* Chingu (Friend)… Chinguuu (Friend!!!) hm Introduce yourself, video eh? Introduce yourself.. uh, this is video? eem emm.. video! ah, English? yeah *pouts* okay, Hangul (Korean) hangul (Korean) *laughs* Hello, I’m Ha Beeni ooooh, Helllooo… ok so, we are here … okay so, we’ve arrived at a restaurant. Hiii, we’re at a restaurant in Mokpo. Welcome to Mokpo.. (cutlery clings) *wooh* This is Kor…ah, Korean food. And you want Bibimbap and you mix every material and Korean sauce and Korean oil mixed together and try Bibimbap Ooooh, so pretty… (inaudible chatter*) we go cafe. Yeah, we’re going to the cafe. (We are going to cafe) We’re going to the cafe… CoffeeSmith, CoffeeSmith we go. CoffeeSmith? Yes, CoffeeSmith. You Know? No. No, No? (I don’t know) don’t know! First time? Yeah, first time! ohh okay like this. yes… ooooh, so beautiful ah! you too *gasp* Why? (distorted chatter*) My phone is dying so, I’m using your phone yes. your phone died? oh no. (laughing about a previous joke on charging) We’re at the farm yay (Rain drops pouring*) My friend’s daddy’s farm. yayyy! that is baby. Adult cow.. is not, not, no touch. because they’re scared. but baby cow… not scared… touch that! so cute Ne(yes) so and baby cow, is curious so they look me. look we they look at you eh, look.. look.. look at you. eh, look at me. We’re going to see the big cows *gasp* big cow ooh, but same same size no same. I think (they’re) the same size little different okaayyy and they… they… eat… Gamsamida Unni (Thank you sister) aniyo (never mind), you’re welcome. Ne (okay) We go to Gwangju Ne (sure!) back. It is still raining, but I had a wonderful day. So, am heading back to my dorm Dorm is (gisuksa)… so, I am heading back to my dorm and I have to study for my exams so… bye… Am back to my dorm.. (Annyeong) bye … Good (bam) night… (ne) okay, (Annyeong) bye.. (Gamsamida) Thank you.. sure!… luv ya.. thank you luv you (too) bye bye Oge bye