Laura Muriel: Hi guys, my name is Laura Muriel
and this is my Rutgers Study Abroad experience. (music playing)
I’m a senior here at Rutgers double majoring in Human Resource Management and Sport Management.
I studied abroad last semester at the University of Melbourne in Australia. My experience abroad
not only helped me learn about new cultures and ideas, but also helped me learn so much
about myself. I got to experience new wildlife, new scenery, and especially new people. You
get to meet people from all over the world, not just form the country that you’re staying
at, but other exchange students who go to study as well. I chose Australia because I
felt it was one of the most inaccessible places for me to travel in the future. I also was
looking for adventure and a breath of fresh air. Australia truly offered me the experience
of a lifetime and I even got the chance to attend one of Ellen Degeneres’ shows. (music
playing) I even found nemo at the Great Barrier Reef.
(music playing) I even had the opportunity to go to Fiji.
I truly encourage everyone to study abroad, not only for the opportunity to travel and
the experience new cultures, but for the educational experience that you gain. I attended one of
the best universities in Australia, which truly challenged my educational background.
I encourage all women to take advantage of the opportunity at hand, not only because
you become more independent, but you also gain a global perspective which is truly essential
to compete in today’s market. For more information, please contact The Center of Global Education. (music playing)