My name is Laurie. I’m studying Business Marketing Management part-time online at Algonquin College. I finished a BSC in Biochemistry a number of years ago and started my career in a lab working a technical job. After I went back to work from my second maternity leave, I asked to be moved into the Business side. I had decided that I wanted to go into a Marketing program. I wasn’t really sure what types of courses I wanted to take. But when I was shown the program at Algonquin I realized that I could take it online and make a schedule up to the number of hours that I was going to be able to handle given my family and other commitments that I had. Taking courses online is really a much easier way to be able to manage work-life balance. I’ve had times where I’ve had to travel. I’ve had to write exams at alternate times so it’s nice to have that flexibility. Learning Marketing through Algonquin really gives you the confidence that you need to move your career forward in a certain area. Through working on that program for the last three years now, I was able to manage my way through several promotions in the company. Now I’m just finishing up and still have a lot of opportunity to go for!