I think it’s really important that we’re
building students’ self-awareness over the course of their programme. By kicking
off with this kind of leadership initiative it’s really quite a challenge,
it’s pushing them out their comfort zone it’s really a great way of beginning to
build those skills to transition out of the university at the end of their
programme. And we do that through three different mediums: through some military
training at relatively low level, we use sport, and we use adventurous training to
take people into arenas and situations where they may not have been before, just
to see how their leadership skills come out as a product of those environments.
Giving them an opportunity to put it into practice. It may be a really very
different kind of experience for them but ultimately we’re looking at how we
can be developing their skills, developing their leadership potential. And that hands-on approach we find is something that you can take into every
walk of life. It’s a lot of fun, not a lot of pressure – I haven’t seen anybody not
have a really good time.