Communication disorders often impact peoples physical and emotional well-being and just knowing that I could be the reason that someone else finds their voice was drive enough to do Speech Pathology. I decided to study Speech Pathology because most of my work experience has been with children with autism, and their therapy targets are typically communication based. So through that I developed a strong passion for helping people communicate effectively. I’ve actually got a sister that studied here on an exchange, and she raved about the school, she talked about how much she loved Brisbane, and that kind of got me interested in researching about UQ, and from there I discovered that it’s very internationally well-known. Well UQ is known to have an exceptional Speech Pathology program. In fact, students Australia wide actually ranked it as number one for teaching quality and educational experience, so it was an easy choice. I’d definitely have to say the most valuable experience for me at UQ has been just kind of meeting all of these new people from all different places around the country and really all the friendships I’ve developed. It goes so much beyond the classroom. You’re being taught by award winning teaching and research staff. They invest a lot of time into us – they always have an open door policy, and it’s quite rare to have a Faculty this accomplished, always willing to give this kind of time to nurture us and make sure that we reach our goals as future clinicians. My advice to someone starting the Masters of Speech Pathology program would be to truly explore all of your options. More often than not people will say that speech pathologists are professionals that just help with a stutter or that just help with a lisp, but you could see a variety of clinical presentations from speech disorders, language disorders, voice disorders, fluencies, swallowing – there’s just so much to explore. I know it seems really intense and can be quite overwhelming at times but really taking that time to enjoy it, have fun, interact with everyone, get involved in the School, interact with your Faculty, join clubs – do whatever you can to stay involved and enjoy yourself.