Hi, my name is Will Jardel, and I am a USC Masters of Public Health student online with a concentration in Global Health I currently live in Los Angeles, California There are so many ways to get involved in the online program I found out about a global health trip through an email and this summer. I went to Costa Rica for two weeks with Program Director Dr Shubha Kumar and Dr. Mellissa Withers There were online and on-campus students on the trip. We learned about indigenous populations We learned about climate change initiatives happening in Costa Rica We also learned about the Human Rights Court located in San Jose One thing that I really loved about going to Costa Rica was being able to communicate and learn from the indigenous populations we got to learn about the struggles the Challenges and the things they’ve had to overcome in Costa Rica Another amazing part about going to Costa Rica was being able to experience it with the Faculty of USC We got to learn from them their experiences and get a real-time view of the things. They’ve learned throughout the public health field