Welcome Study Abroad students! You are about
to start on a grand adventure overseas that will
be educationally and culturally enriching. Your studies, however, will require research and
a variety of sources. My name is Chad Pearson, and I’m the main
Study Abroad liaison Librarian at Evans Library. In this video, I will provide you a brief overview of library resources that are available to you while
overseas. Let us start of the main page for the library library.tamu.edu. The page is easy to use with boxes that will link
you into useful resources. To begin, I will click on Research Guides and
show you the Study Abroad resources guide. To find it, type in Study Abroad – it should be the first result on your screen. Then click on it. The home page for the guide has some basic
information such as links to the Study Abroad
Office, links to colleges and their respective study
abroad pages, and some videos from previous
students who have studied abroad. To the left, you will notice a series of tabs that
provide you with other information resources that
will help you on your Study Abroad experience. Under Helpful Campus and Governmental Links,
I provide you with various government and other campus web sites that will help you as you
study abroad. In the Location and Travel apps tab, I also
provide some nifty travel apps you can download
and the Language Resources tab will help you brush up on your language skills while
overseas. Under the Research Help Guides tab, you can
choose your major area and then the faculty-led
study abroad class you will be taking. For each class, I have provided relevant library
guides that will provide you with a plethora of
resources. As an example, I will click on one and show you
what it looks like. You can see they have different databases for
finding journal articles, and links to finding
books, etc. Now if you want to enhance your understanding
of the country and place you will be visiting,
check out the Cultural Resources tab. The Books tab will also help you and this tab,
by the way, has the Culture Shock series as
well and different databases that will tell you more
about your respective countries. In the Finding Books tab, you will also find
books on your country and other research topics If you are looking for articles, I made it easier for
you to find a variety of databases that may help
you for your research needs. and I structured it in a Q&A format just to make it more easy to find the relevant
databases. Last, check out some more videos about Study
Abroad on the final tab. Some of these are by A&M students and others
show students around the world and their
respective study abroad experiences. Now for an important note, I include the link for
Get it for Me in the Articles and Books tab – you can find it here and here Just showing you in Articles where it’s located right in this section And you can use the Get it For Me service to
retrieve electronic copies of articles or book
chapters while overseas you can use Get it For Me when the library does
not have the content you are seeking or if you
want book chapters scanned for you from print books in our
collection while overseas. There is a limit of no more than 50 pages at a
time. They can make a PDF file and send it to
your email. Remember also that you can read ebooks right
from our catalog which is called LibCat. You can find that actually right on our main page under the Books tab and General Catalog And you can also find Get it For Me right here
on our main library page under the Quick Links
tab. The library databases and ebook resources will
be available 24/7 while you’re overseas and all you need to access them are your netID
and password. We have a tech troubleshooting page as well if
you have trouble accessing library resources
while overseas. Under the Services section, and it is under Technology. You can also chat with us live or e-mail us. Texting is allowed as well although you may be
paying higher rates overseas you can actually find that in the Help section Remember our time zone is central U.S. time. Feel free to contact me at any time. Again, my
name is Chad Pearson, and you can find my
contact information on the Study Abroad page at the home page. I am right there at the
bottom. I’m also in the library directory. Enjoy your study abroad experience and
remember the library is here for you!