Lord we want to love YOU Lord we want to love YOU As YOU Loved us.. Thanks For your Love o God.. O lord As we call ourselves christian Let our relation BE with you So intimate And Faithful AND soo CLOSE o Lord So we will not require Worldly Things – ooo God LORD , MY Life is in YOUR HANDS YES LORD LORD I am SAND And YOU are MY POTTER LORD MAKE ME Mold me Your WILL be satisfied in me LORD till now i have not Listened you And i have not Followed you And have not accepted you BUT From now lord I have decided to follow you Lord we lift your name WE praise you J E S U S WE bow down our heads And pray to you AS we sing Along HEAR US o GOD YOUR name gives us PEACE Today he is with us AND our tomorrow is in his hands MY LIFE MY happiness is in you J E S U S C H R I S T YOU are my DESIRE AND my FIRST LOVE ….