Let me tell you about life at Johnson &
Wales. There’s something that gets inside of you and that’s the passion that leads to great careers and wonderful futures working in the world
of food. You have a great environment here with true professionals that really care
about you and care about your career. There’s a great culture here, great
spirit here where students are pushed but it’s fun, it’s engaging, you get to eat a lot. You can say basically your homework is edible. There are so many different
things that you can do with a degree from the College of Culinary Arts; you
can work in a restaurant if you like, you can go and work for a sports team and be
a performance chef, you can go and be a research and development chef for an
international food company, you can be an artisan bread baker and open up your own
small cafe. There are endless things that you can do that start with an education
here at Johnson & Wales University. I encourage you to come, set up an admissions tour, come here while classes are rolling, and see first hand what goes on
here in the College of Culinary Arts.