I love the calm the voice of nature and the traditional heating system back to the roots just like our grand parents used to do it I was here last week but it wasn’t enough. I came back to the Taanayel Domain, back to Arc en Ciel back to Khan el Makssoud but this time I’m gonna sleep here and spend 24 hours the way our Grand Parents used to to see how the Domain starts functioning at 4 am, how they milk the cows how they work and what do they do. It’s much more then the famous Lake I just had a great walk and now diner and the arak making Karké process are now ready we’ll sleep here and tomorrow is a new day! I wish time could stop welcome Anthony Khan el Maksoud in Taanayel is your home We are a Lebanese restaurant that offers Lebanese food and Mezzé and those only go well with Lebanese Arak! You can find here all the local produce of the region and the Arak of Khan el Maksoud we prepared the karaké and we will be doing a great Arak we will install the karaké together and we will cook together and you’ll taste and love it for sure. we have three of Alcohol that we will empty for each gallon we will add three kilograms of Aniseed for 60 liters of Obeidi we added 20 liters of water. This aniseed is one of the best. i have never imagined enjoying an aniseed this much it tastes as if your were drinking a whole cup of Arak the taste of Aniseed explodes in your mouth you can feel the sweetness and aromas in your nose! Wawww! It’s not bitter at all! Can you imagine in on top of Labneh with some olive oil! My God! We have to add charcoal and some wheat in this piece of cloth with the mix that’s the rose water we talked about We saw the process of Arak making and I just tasted it It is perfect meaning the right amount of sweetness and aniseed it’s perfect! It smells great and tastes even better! I got an idea, took some aniseed that tastes like anise and smells really good with a very rich flavor so why not adding that to Labneh? So I did it, added some on top of that Labneh. Just imagine it’s as if you are having some Arak with 100% fresh local Labneh. This is how our day ends. We had a great dinner with locally grown products from this Domain and this village. Food is made with Love and passion the potato and meat are perfect. Cheese and Labneh straight from the domain. Nothing more to say, let’s go to bed and tomorrow is a new day. I might wake up at 4am! I woke at 4.30 am they were waiting for me to milk the cows at 5 am. This is how our day will start in Taanayel. Come with me. I start milking the cows at 4am we started later today because we were waiting for you guys we milk them every 12 hours we start by sanitizing then milking and sterilizing again this is how we proceed. It just gave 22 liters it will give again almost 22 liters in the afternoon so this cow gives us 45 kilograms per day. We are going to feed the little ones with feeding bottles. We give each one almost 2 kilos per day. We fill the bucket until we reach the 2 kilos sign. Is this cow milk? 100% natural and fresh! That’s milk coming from the cows we just milked. This machine is 31 years old. It smells really good. What do you mean by fermented? What are the ingredients? It naturally goes into a fermentation process because it has sugar it has whole corn cobs in it full of water they get chopped then compressed we add barley and concentrate and some then we chop them for about 45 minutes the we feed them to the cows. As soon as they smell the fermented corn they devour it. I smell Vodka and I feel like having a drink! We filled the ruck with fermented corn now we have to check the weight and depending on that add or remove some corn then we have to come back and add some other components then we will keep on chopping until they are all smooth with the chopped corn then we will add alfalfa we will then add concentrate we need almost two hours to chop then we will go feed the cows. People think it is very easy to feed the cows just throwing barley at them isn’t enough. There is a magical kind of blend as if you were preparing a salad right? A special kind of salad that has to have all the nutrients and vitamins. Animals are generous you become attached to them you come to consider them as little babies you cuddle them and play with them and worry about them as much as you worry about your own kids. These are the bulls. We get the cows that are ready to breed to these bulls. This is what he does. You have to take care of them and caress them. I slept really well. Went to bed at 11pm and walk up at 4 am 5 hours were enough. I woke up to the crows of the rooster that was next to my room. What a great feeling! Here it goes again! We were the first to wake up, the cows were waiting for us we milked them met the guys and now we’re going back to the Khan for Breakfast. The real authentic Lebanese Breakfast, Laban, Milk and Labneh from the domain and I will surely order eggs with Kawarma if they have that on the menu and we continue our amazing day together. This is worth everything! The fresh Saj, Labneh and cheese the sound of the birds, the sun rising, the calm and the crows of the rooster. How great, and the sun just shinned! After milking the cows the fresh milk from the Taanayel Domain needs exactly a minute and 10 seconds to go through this pipe directly inside the fridges then we can directly start producing our produce as we are doing today. What we are witnessing here is the production of the Gouda cheese wish is initially from the Netherlands exclusively made in Holland. But now it’s made here too. It takes a lot of work and time. They even have some aged Gouda dating up to two years back. Made in 2018. Just imagine the taste of this cheese that has been aged for more then two years. From he inside, the cheese is yellowish and from the outside it’s coated with wax. It takes almost two years to two years and a half to be made and the price per kilo is only 24,000 LBP and you would be having a European taste made with Lebanese ingredients and Lebanese passion. Well aged and fermented, look at the air bubbles inside the texture is perfect. The acidity and salt are perfect you will feel your tongue tingle it’s truly amazing grilled with Saj bread in a toaster….Yummy! With some Labneh and olive oil on the side! Can’t express… This one has been made a year and half ago, it’s hard and aged and could still be aged for longer. I’m gonna take a piece and go sit under a tree and taste Arc en Ciel’s wine. Arc en Ciel has now it’s own wine, proudly Lebanese using grapes right from this land. Let’s taste it together, enjoy nature and continue our tour. My son is responsible for the garage and I am responsible for the heavy equipment. I also put food for the cows. We do whatever is needed to be done. Sitting is not an option, wherever there is water blocked you have to go fix it directly so the wheat won’t be damaged. I work in the maintenance department we are responsible for the tractors every morning the driver comes in to check the oil and fuel. This happens every single morning. Once that is done he starts his day. We follow the drivers to check on them and check the problems they face. My Dad works here, I came after my father. He has been here for 54 years and I have been here for about 13 to 14 years my dad works on the tractors and I handle maintenance. I’m going for a ride with Tony. Come on Tony Let’s go! Do you have Turbo? Sure… Every year when I visit, I discover something new. I just discovered that you have wine and I don’t know how to say it in arabic, you keep on impressing everyone. For people who are watching me, they just see that i’m spending the day in a 2 million sqm Domain. For us it’s much more then this. It is very important Elia that you tell me and that is the message I want to spread to everyone: How much does Arc en Ciel work and how much does it change people’s lives how it sustains people and how each idea starting with the cheese and wine the horses that are just behind us. I want to know the impact of each and everyone of those on society. That’s really true. We try to set examples, to find solutions. We live in the most beautiful country. Let’s prove that it is the most beautiful country. Each thing that you see here is the result of a long labor. For instance this cheese is the result of a whole year of work, the wine is the result of a year and half of hard work, the end product is the result of this hard work, nothing come easily. Arc en Ciel is another kind of association we hear a lot about NGO’s doing a good job within there capacities, having an office were they work from and taking aids from the government sometimes. Arc en Ciel is something Great it has more then 11 centers this 2 million sqm Domain, recycling, it’s a social enterprise that gives job opportunities, makes people happy and all the benefits that are made here go back to the organization to help. For many people Arc en Ciel reminds us of the plastic bottles cover, for many it is only about wheelchairs but it’s much more than this. How would someone be helping and sustaining your organization. How would he be helping and benefiting at the same time. Taanayel is one of Arc en Ciel’s centers it’s the perfect combination between a 150 year old Domain, an aged Domain and a 30 year old Arc en Ciel who is considerably younger. This combination between wisdom and energy made this happen. What are we talking about? We are talking about more than 150,000 visitors per year. These visitors do not only come for a walk each and every single thing this visitor sees has an impact. Starting with the cleanliness and order, the way of standing iArcn line, witnessing how the farmer works and how to be ecological really. Arc en Ciel for me is a destination that you should come visit with your kids and family. Don’t forget to get all the recyclable trash with you. Teach your kids about the love of nature and learn how to love your country and imagine it’s future buy cheese knowing it’s real origin and ingredients, drink and support local wines that took years of work and improvement most importantly to know that you are helping so many people who have difficulties. These people are either working with Arc en Ciel or getting help through Arc en Ciel. The Taanayel Domain is something great, this is the fourth time I come here and it is also the fourth episode I film and I really hope to film more because this is memorable. You missed on the early morning! You’re Welcome! Wawww this Mousakhan is something else! What the hell is that! It’s good isn’t it? Do you have a house for rent here? Hello! How are you? What are you doing? We are removing the carp from here and replacing it with salmon trout. So Arc en Ciel asked you to add a new kind of fish Yes Where do you get the fish from? From the Hermel region. I ate really good fish in Hemel. The salmon trout is really good. Here we have the carp fish wish lives in nature without oxygen. The nature’s natural habitat and it’s water is enough for it to live. As for the salmon it is harder. We need to put oxygen generated by solar panels to grow it because salmon trout usually lives in a river but since we did a trial and put oxygen it worked well with 100% success ratio. Things go fast here! Abou Tony, Tony and the guys we just reached the fish implementation. We will wait for the guys to put nets in an hour and wait and see if they are gonna catch something to make the exchange between carp and salmon trout. Meanwhile we are checking the vineyards the grapes that are being cleaned we saw some of that last week . All of that will take almost 3 weeks to be done they clean, arrange and prepare the vineyards while waiting for summer for a great grape that produces most of the Lebanese wine and the Beqaa wines. If you do not clean the vineyards you will get small grapes and waste all of the grapes. The area we are cleaning is about 21 acres over there it’s 9 acres The work depends all on the size of the vine we can work on about 170/180 vines per day we start work at 7.50 am at 8 am we would be in the fields we are 9 we consider each others like brothers and the engineer is the boss for sure we start work at 8 am until 12 pm. At 12 we stop for lunch. Here you can see two buildings these delimit our land from this side. On the other side you can see the refrigerated buildings until you reach here, where you each Damascus Road. All of that! Yes. The Lake is in the middle? Yes almost. Wawww How many square meters do you have here? 2,300,000 square meters all in all. Brand New! I badly need a coffee! I’ve been running around since 4am! No one offered coffee! No one! I worked, went to the field, checked on the fish and almost went fishing but no one offered! This is bad! Excuse us! We are back to Khan el Maksoud but this time we will cook lunch together. I feel like having Lebanese Rice with Chicken. We will eat together alter on. For sure! Coffee Hairnet and we go in the Kitchen. I will show you their kitchen. It is amazing! The Rice and Chicken preparation awaits me! I’m ready! It’s so hot! Let’s go! I’ll give you a quick tour of the kitchen before the chefs start their preparations. They are waiting for us. Look how big this place is. You get in by this corridor on this side you will find everything related to cooking all the food that gets in here needs to get cleaned here is the service kitchen and the offices then we start per area meaning the vegetables area that is fully independent this is the meat area then we have the chicken area the fridges right here let’s continue here is the preparation area and here we meet the guys and cook the Rice with Chicken the way your grandmother used to. We put them all together, boil them well with spices and your special mix to eat something exceptional! All the products you use here are fresh right? I can see the color of the meat, it’s all fresh! You do not freeze your meat. We are 7 persons in the kitchen each one works on something, mezzé, hot mezzé, someone starts preparations in the morning we separate the chicken and meat areas from the others for sure. We are very united as a team, we help each other. It’s done It’s time for the rice I am adding water it will take almost 15 minutes to cook after that then we will serve it. This is the traditional Rice with Chicken I love this dish without the chicken , I like it with it’s spices the ground meat and the rice that is a bit sticky and since you are in Taanayel it is a must for you to try it with their Laban 100% fresh cow milk great authentic rice made with passion this is as we say the best for last Breakfast was eggs and kawarma lunch is this amazing rice how can I ask for more! I use a spoon to get a big byte! My name is Mohammad Hammoud Here we have a recycling station this is under the ecological program of Arc en Ciel. Here we have 700 sqm with a capacity of 10 tons daily. You receive the garbage already sorted We have secondary sorting to make sure that nothing gets by it goes into that process this is how we have a product that is fully ready for recycling We can all make a change. Put at home two trash bins recyclable trash goes into one and organic waste into the other plastic, steel and all the recyclable stuff will be sent to this factory. You can get your bags yourself to Arc en Ciel or call them for pick up. We can all make a huge difference for this country Garbage all arrives here, goes up in that machine get sorted an extra time then compressed and sold to specialized factories that make plastic from plastic, steel from steel… We can all make a difference, our home’s garbage can change a nation! As you can see there is no smell at all, no organic waste. Organic waste is what goes into fermentation and gives the bad smells. All the things that are here are well cleaned then compressed. This should be an example for all municipalities. What wouldn’t all the municipalities sort their trash and have a factory like this one? For those who already made it bravo and fro those who didn’t please come have a look at what Arc en Ciel has done to help solve the Lebanese trash problem. We are now in the Seeds House the target of this project is to maintain old vegetable species by preserving it’s seeds. We have two ways of doing that. One is by planting our seeds this way we increase our quantities. By planting 5 seeds we get a whole jar of that same seed. We preserve them here then anyone can come and get some. This person can also do the same process we did and replant some the year after. This way people don’t need to buy new seeds yearly. These are different kinds of lettuce we note the details on each jar they can last for a long time right? It depends on the kind of the seed. Most of lebanese fruit and vegetables are available her right? Anyone can call and come pick up some seeds? Sure. We consider ourselves as a mini seed bank. We preserve the seeds and give it back to people. Labibé, where are we? There’s a very long tunnel with technologies. I feel i’m going to the moon! What does this do? This is the composting unit where we produce the green manure. Green manure is made of exclusively natural products coming from the farm, from the organic waste of our factory as well as from the wood coming from the vineyards we mix them all together here we monitor their temperature and humidity level and 3 month later we get the green manure. 3 month if we are using the traditional way with this tunnel behind you we can do it all in 24 hours only. Three things that we used to throw away. 100%. We used to throw away all the waste from the farms, burn the wood and throw all of our organic waste. We mixed them all to make a 100% green manure. We should benefit from that in these tuff days Lebanon is going through since we cannot import anymore! Use local products and make a difference. I love it! I’m considering investing in the area. Do it! What a project! What a story! What a Village! A tiny village in the most beautiful country in the world. A traditional village that has everything You can learn from that, we can all learn from that! All the municipalities should learn from that! Please bring your kids to spend the week end, show them around, let them love Lebanon let them love their land this is how we can build the most beautiful country in the world, the country of the future I really do’t feel like leaving , it is incredibly beautiful here! Look those trees! This is magnificent!