there’s one more! that I forgot to print.. and so I’m going to print it and and complete this. and I’m also going to print the pharm flashcards that you might be familiar with, that I always use for microbiology. I think they’re so useful to memorize. so I’m going to print that. and I was watching the chilling adventures of sabrina. the new season just came out a few days ago, and I’ve been watching that today. a few minutes before the episode ended I went out, so now I’m just going to finish the episode and then…. my sister and I discovered these… caramels? i don’t know. and they are so good the fifth episode ended on a juicy cliffhanger. so I’m excited to watch that one later. cestodes… that’s what you call the last group of parasites that I need to study. *video narrator voice* “The drug of choice is actually I’ll let you guess what it is keeping in mind that we’re in an underground scene…” “Here it is. It’s a metro.” It’s currently 1:00 p.m, and I had that egg sandwich that you saw me do and now I’m gonna have a late late lunch for me I normally have lunch before one. But I did not finish everything last night, but I’m staying positive. I’m staying hopeful that today I might be able to finish stuff because yesterday I did have a lot of free time that I used to go out with my mom. So right now I finished the parasites earlier today and now I’m a little before halfway through fungi. I have the three biggest lectures left. I changed my mind. Definitely need coffee… I don’t know, I just hit a slump. It’s now 4:30 and I’m still on the fungi chapter. And I’m so… I’m just like… Okay. I got this. I just need to keep focused Finally on the last fungi class! I’m finally on pharm. Yeah, this took a while.