(music) Brietta Driskill (Resident, Foreign Language
House): Foreign Language Residence Program is a one of a kind experience and it is probably
one of my favorite things about being here at NIU. (Students speaking in Spanish) We have Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese,
and German. We talk specifically in the language which we are learning. Tim Webb (Resident, Foreign Language House):
My favorite part would probably be the fact that we all sort of live together. I think
it really creates this great sense of community and we really bond. It helps you in a really
concrete way too. Leah Nicolini (Resident, Foreign Language
House): Classes are only 50 minutes, so you don’t get a lot of practice-time, you get
a lot of learning-time. Here you get to put the things you learn to practice and also
you have the native speaker who can do one-on-one work with you and correct the mistakes you
have when speaking. Being a part of this group will help me figure
out what I can say and what is the proper, more sociable way to talk because it is all
different with different languages. There are some things that you can say and some
things you can’t. It is different from English, so this helps me figure out what is right
and wrong. Juan Cibrian (Resident, Foreign Language House):
You really learn about diversity and it really makes you into a well-rounded person. What
people do and their customs. Savannah Leiby (Resident, Foreign Language
House): The format of the dinner is a very social aspect. We meet Monday through Thursday
4:30pm to 5:30pm. What we do is we try to engage each other in conversation. Not only
does this build our ability to speak normally and naturally without being a native, but
it gives us the ability to learn and build off of each other. Hopefully I can even use this for networking
opportunities with some of the natives that I have met. Since my job will involve me traveling,
I can go see them and network with their families. I don’t want to sound cliche when I say it,
but if you want to grow as a person then not only is NIU the place to be at, but the Foreign
Language Residency Program is one of the top notch programs here. (music)