[Music] hello my beautiful friends so today it is time for the second Q&A about traveling you had so many nice questions and then I just thought why not just make two videos out of it so today I’m answering some of your questions again all right so the first question is when did the travel bug bite you good question I actually somehow first thought that this was Cape Town South Africa when I studied there and left there in 2010 but then later on I got to think about it and then I thought no it’s actually my first true adventure was when I studied Italian for four weeks studied Italian for four weeks I mean I know nothing the intention was good I guess in 2007 and that actually was my first experience adventure alone traveling alone meeting new people doing something completely out of my comfort zone in a way yeah that was actually really when the travel bug bit me I guess because after that I just wanted to do more and I also because of that decided to study abroad for a certain amount of time as well and then Cape Town happened like three years after that and the actual true travel bug bit me when I lived in Cape Town and I got to know this completely different lifestyle going on adventures almost every weekend having this sort of holiday kind of lifestyle because you live in a country where you are surrounded with so much nature and culture and there are so many new experiences and insights that you get out of an experience like that that I was just sort of addicted and ever since I wanted to create a lifestyle as well that enabled me to travel more and to see more of the of the world okay next one hey Zoey did you study abroad by doing the Erasmus program or how else did you work your way through all those obstacles with enrollment finances etc yeah I really had to think about this one because I somehow don’t remember if it was part of the Erasmus program because it’s so long ago by now already eight years ago I somehow remember that back then we had a difference between Erasmus was was Europe I believe for something that you had to be a part of that program if you wanted to study in Europe and I wanted to study internationally and and go and go to South Africa so it was a different kind of program but of course it was an exchange program that’s for sure so when you mentioned these obstacles I actually remembered like oh my goodness it took me a year of paperwork finances getting a lot of paper stuff and a lot of obstacles in order to be able to go to South Africa for half a year I actually still have this one over here with all the paperwork and all the necessities that I had to do to be able to be there for half year and this really reminds me of sort of the behind the scenes kind of struggles that you have when you want to go on an adventure like this it’s just it’s such a hassle like I remember doing this and I was really nice why the hell do I actually want to do this again I had to do an English course to prove that my English was above a certain level I had to have references of my mentors and teachers at university what else I had to prove that I wasn’t a criminal so truly arranging a visa was just oh my goodness and it was definitely just a true struggle but it was all worth it honestly it was all worth it but these kinds of things do you need to happen and I think that in general this is also of course the thing what we see on social media so often that you see somebody succeed or doing something which is awesome and that you want to do yourself as well but this is the actual work and that is that something that you don’t often see and what just needs time and work a lot of work that’s it so the next one is hey Zoe so I will actually start college this year and we’ll move to the Netherlands to study there awesome my question would be how is it to study or live abroad on your own do you have a tip how to deal with maybe difficult situations that could occur while you live in another place or travel through a country well how is it I made a video about what my how my time was in South Africa and what it actually did to me so I can link that one down below as well if you like for me in general it has been the most amazing experience in my life yeah it was just mind-blowing and then such an eye-opener if you’re scared somehow to maybe not make friends or I don’t know culture wise differences not having your family and friends around you of course every experience could be different in a way it really depends on what you’re gonna do and how long you’re gonna stay here and who you meet but in its essence I think this is the crucial thing also when you travel and when you travel alone especially and when you study or go and study abroad alone you will notice that there are so many people in the world and so many kind people in the world that you can connect with and maybe more easily even connect with because they are like-minded and they also see the world with an open mind and want to learn as well so I just would say don’t worry too much you’ll be fine especially nowadays with so many possibilities to stay in contact with your beloved ones at home through what’s up or whatever it’s so much easier even than for me eight years ago to sort of still be in contact with them and feel at home maybe when you’re down or when you’re a little bit alone or whatever my tip would always be to simply stay true to yourself always use your mind make conscious decisions don’t do things that you wouldn’t do at home and always listen to your instincts and everything in the long run will be fine and of course in the end truly just have fun be open be flexible enjoy life that is maybe my ultimate tip really enjoy it have fun live it you’re truly young and wild and free so just live it and enjoy it and seize the moment truly traveling as you do do you manage to feel home somewhere I’ve lived abroad twice and in a lot of different cities and now I feel like I have difficulties with feeling fully home somewhere thank you for all the positive energy you’re sharing that’s so sweet I had the same in the past as well I do notice that I’m now a little bit more calm than I was the last couple of years basically I somehow very much feel at home while I’m traveling I can feel at home in the plane somehow very strangely enough I’m very calm then I’m very creative I’ve written some of my best articles for my website the plane for example completely offline just within my own mind listening to music so while I’m traveling I often feel at home while while just roaming and and exploring basically for me also living abroad feeling so at home in Cape Town having this lifestyle that I actually preferred that also created for me that I didn’t feel at home in Amsterdam for a long time I had so many years and I still sometimes have it that I didn’t feel grounded in the Netherlands I really had to work my way to create a lifestyle here that I felt more grounded I even know that when I go into nature here I feel more grounded here as well so therefore for me it’s really good to dog-sit for example look it’s the dog of my sister and then I take her out on a lot of walks and that for me really helps to yeah feel a little bit more grounded here those little things have created a lifestyle and a way of living for me that I feel more at home here as well and for example I didn’t want to run away from my problems somehow first I always had a lot of difficulties with winter time I had winter depression or seasonal affective disorder for a long time without being aware of it so I always wanted to escape winter time once I realized that I wanted to work on it to be able to say like I can also just live here being happy happy throughout the year I didn’t feel the urge yet to truly take that step to go somewhere else such as Cape Town where I feel a little bit more at home because nothing is actually leading me there I don’t have like a certain purpose yet to go there and go and live there I think that is the main thing why I haven’t done it yet so within my lifestyle right now actually because I travel so much it is actually really nice to have one home base which is MCM for me right now it could be somewhere else in the future but for me it’s really nice to have one space in place where I can actually really calm down and truly create some structure and stability right here and when I’m away a lot it’s really nice to come back to one place which you can call your home what is the place you’d call home if you could other than the Netherlands would you rather be somewhere else also a personally exciting one would you like to come visit India sometime maybe soon let love rule that love rule baby well what is the place you’d call home my second home is Cape Town you just sometimes have certain places that you’ve been to that you so feel at home that you could just easily live there for me it’s cape town cape town it’s just my ultimate go-to place I could easily live there I feel at home there I maybe even feel more like myself there and I just absolutely love it there but would you rather be somewhere else yeah sometimes I would rather be there but nowadays I feel more content with also being here and I truly feel at home here as well I think especially with a lifestyle that you travel quite often it is so nice to truly have a home to come back to but in the end I do think that I’m quite flexible and that I could live somewhere else as well and then your other question would you like to come to visit India sometime I would actually love to I just until now never did it but I’m definitely going to one day in my life and of course I hope to take you with me as well I love your food so I think I’ll just only eat there all right my beautiful friends so that was it for the second Q&A about travelling this one a little bit more related to living and studying abroad I hope you like both of them I really like making these type of videos so if you like to see more let me know in the comments down below if you want to ask a question next time be sure to follow me on Instagram because I always ask you to ask me a question on the Instagram basically I want to thank you all so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next one keep letting love rule love you [Music]