Hi Hi um Question, do you guys study at the university by here? Yes Oh okay Sorry, I’m a youtuber And I want to find out How you guys are Studying in another country He’s from Malawi I’m from South Africa They are from Swaziland Swaziland? Swaziland South Africa Malawi And you are Taiwanese? Yes You do not sound Taiwanese at all I I know How long have you guys been here in Taiwan? 4 years 3 years 2 years 2 years Wow 4 years Like do people stare at you? Yes We are like refugees Woah woah woah For me personally I do not mind We are another kind so You know So you guys don’t mind It’s like when you are driving an AMG Ohhhh okayyyyy So you guys take it as a compliment YES Wow Why would I be offended? It’s your approach which is much more welcoming And there’s somebody else’s approach that is already aggressive Oh wow do people get aggressive? No no no Not necessarily For example in Kaoshiung Yea This lady walk up to this chick She was like this She was touching you Chocolate Woahhh and That’s uncalled for Exactly my point You understand what I’m saying Sometimes Sometimes The approach Okay we are cool with it The approach actually determines my reaction Uh huh It’s like if it’s your first time seeing a black person Oh hey how are you? Can I touch you? No but still You can be much more interactive about it More polite You need to understand where this person is also from Anyways anyways Ignorance is not an excuse Come on come on Seriously Asia is the biggest continent in the world Asia then it’s Africa Africa is the second biggest continent in the world So your ignorance is not an excuse for anything People ask to take pictures with me half the time I’m like sure whatever Let’s take a picture Wow people ask to take pictures with you Yea and we take pictures I smile Politely My point was I met a certain guy last week Taiwanese You are from Africa? I’m like yea Where Swaziland He said I knew a guy from Senegal Named uh Can’t remember Solomon They just assume you know each other? Do you know him? Nooooo Really?! Africa is a 1.4B population How long have you been here? My 4th year Oh wow so you going home soon Yea Oh wow But of course I can go with you Anyways I’d like to interview you Sorry? I’d like to interview you Reverse the situation See how you perform in front of the camera Can I ask you something? How many countries do you think there are in Africa? 60s?? Roughly a guess You’ve passed the test I thought maybe you’d say two No wayy What do you think the population of Africa is? Ughhhh