For excursions we went to Stonehenge,
we’ve been to Canterbury and Dover to see the White Cliffs of Dover and the Canterbury
Cathedral. So since we’ve been here we went to Stonehenge the White Cliffs of
Dover and other places but my favorite part was going to the Warner Bros Harry
Potter tour studios. It was a great experience. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan
and I actually got a chance to ride one of the broomsticks and they put me in
the movie with a green screen backdrop. While travelling London I’ve had a great
great opportunity to travel to other countries. London is a great spot. It’s
super easy to get to the airports and very simple to plan just weekend trips
in general. I’ve been to Switzerland, Greece. I got to travel to Iceland, Wales,
Scotland. Been to Copenhagen, Denmark as well as Tours, France and Paris, France.
Italy as well as Spain and France. Amsterdam, Poland, Switzerland. Austria,
Munich, Germany. Really living in those cultures, really getting that experience
that you know, you don’t get from a textbook. When you’re in the culture you
really feel a part of it and it’s really interesting to compare contrast cultures
from the States and from other countries.