The students who study a second language Develop greater critical thinking skills because they have to challenge themselves and new ways using different vocabulary grammar and syntax than people who are monolingual and People who study a second language also wind up developing better prompt creative problem-solving skills than individuals who are monolingual and those create those creative problem-solving skills are Supercharged by students who go on study abroad and I have yet to meet one American who went on study abroad who comes back and describes the experience as yeah Everyone comes back Wow. This changed my life and in my own experience I will say I went on study abroad as a college junior for a spring semester experience Expecting to come back fluent in Russian. I didn’t come back fluent in Russian. I came back as an adult. I Grew so much Personally in that time and yes my Russian did improve but that was not the most important part of that experience for me and All the students who go on study abroad come back describing similar issues of personal growth as well as professional linguistic and cultural growth Employers love seeing study abroad on the resumes of the candidates. They hire because a study abroad experience signals to an employer That here’s someone with intercultural competence here’s someone who demonstrated flexibility in a challenging situation in which they didn’t know all the information because they were non-native speakers and employers value this more and more every day because the United States is more and more globalized both in terms of our own population and In terms of our trade patterns, we want to engage with the world. And so the more Americans we have with those Intercultural experiences the more successful. We’ll be as a country participating in them and for those Hofstra students thinking about this as an opportunity for them the more they Prepare for that globalized world the better off. They’ll be now One of the challenges with study abroad is of course its cost and I want to call to your attention Some opportunities to help mitigate that cost for students with a major within Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences We have small grants to help make the study abroad experience more affordable These are called the transformative learning grants and students can learn more about it at Hofstra edu slash Tlg where tlg stands for transformative learning ground Depending on where you want to go and what you want to study there may be some scholarships specific to that country or that language and Our Study Abroad Office team can help you with that We do have the United States some very prestigious national in competitive scholarships, including the critical language scholarship and we recently had a student win that to go to Tanzania to study Swahili and There is the national security language scholarship for study abroad in addition We’ve had students win Fulbright scholarships that take them abroad after college These are just some of the opportunities that are out there for scholarships that will help our students Make it possible to go on study abroad I’m so happy to welcome all our students to come to our campus and join the pride and once you get here I want you to work really hard to go away on study abroad