you need to make studying something
worth fighting for something that gives you a purpose when you wake up in the
morning human beings are all forces and that force needs to have an effect you
need to have a reason why you’re moving in a certain direction and when all our
needs are met everything is relatively easy we don’t need to hunt for food we
don’t need to fight to survive we’ve lost a lot of basic purpose and we
haven’t really replaced it with anything we need a purpose we need a mission
because when we have a mission human beings are happy I’m here to tell
you that if you make studying your mission if you make it your purpose your
educational journal will be taken to a whole new level let me tell you a story
Russell Burchard talked in his book in the 1800’s about the happiest person he
knew the happiest person he could find was a groundskeeper on a farm and every
day he was at war with the rabbits of the farm he just declared the rabbits
were the enemy and he went out with his gun and he would hunt as many as
possible and he would go from morning until night and he would kill as many as
he could because the rabbits were his enemy and he was so happy for one simple
reason he had a mission he had a purpose his purpose was to destroy the rabbits
and you can see the lack of purpose and people that are unhappy they seem
aimless they don’t really know why they’re there my mission at university
was to achieve a first-class degree and at times I got this I don’t care
attitude maybe there was something going on in my personal life or I had a few
bad days in a row and at that moment that’s when I lose
momentum because I lost my mission and then I get depressed because I lost my
purpose but when you have your purpose when you have your mission as Les Brown
puts it you begin to realize that your life is not over and the game does not
stop just because you failed an exam or came into some difficulties with your
studying to feel pain and rise up anyway and say the fight is not lost just
because I failed in the first round the game is not lost just because I got
tackled or ran into an opposition and many of you have ran into something got
some bruises and some cuts and you’re sitting on the sidelines and nursing
your wounds when you need to get back up again and get back in the game stop
wasting valuable time if you want something you have got to be
relentless you’ve got to learn how to be creative you’ve got to learn how to be
resourceful to hold on in spite of everything the power to endure this is
the winners quality with this power is I cannot say all I know is that it exists
and it becomes available only when a man or woman is in that state of mind and
has a clear purpose and is fully determined to not quit until they find
it you deserve this don’t let anyone stop you decide that you’re going to
push yourself you’re in full control don’t give up on yourself and live your
life with purpose