When my parents first moved to the U.S. from
Guatemala, the main reason is so that us, us kids, we could have a better future. One of the things that my mom would always
do is tell us, “Get a college education. Get a college education.” And so for me to finally be the first one
in the family to graduate, they’re really happy and they’re so proud of me. I decided to go into accounting because I
like numbers. I do have an eye condition that has caused
me to be legally blind. During class, I can’t see anything the professor
is writing and I can’t read any of my textbooks. It would take me twice as long to do the assignment
it would take a normal-sighted person to do, and so that made it really difficult for me,
and I kept that somewhat of a secret, and I wouldn’t tell people, and so I just decided to
drop out because I was starting to fail all my classes. I just ended up working a customer service job.
I was there for eight years, and I hated it. When I decided to come back to Weber State,
my end goal was to graduate with a degree so that I can provide for my kids. I recently got a conditional job offer with
the Department of Defense in a different state. I’m excited to start that new journey, and
I think that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Weber State and the amazing
faculty that Weber State has.