if you and your family were affected with a rare genetic disorder, you would want science to do everything in its power to, One, find the cause of that rare genetic disorder and to find a cure. Well today many family members with affected inherited disorders are getting their DNA’s sequence -their genome sequenced- and they are uncovering hundreds of new DNA mutations. Over the last 10 years that has resulted in potential opportunities for these causing of these disorders. Unfortunately, if these rare genetic disorders that typically get back-burnered in funding situations like ours today -in lean funding environments- and that’s really a shame. So what we need is a method to develop a way to study these rare genetic disorders in a fast, cheap way. I propose today that fruit flies is one potential solution and and I would like to also use as a proof of concept how I actually modeled one of these disorders in a fruit fly. So why fruit flies? We chose fruit flies for a couple reasons. They’re cheap. And they’re fast they, and show a great degree of homology to human genomes and their genetic are toolboxes are arguably one of the best out there to be able to edit genomes. So, the family that I looked at present with a point mutation upon genetic sequencing, in which a protein at the neuromuscular junction has been mutated, and that’s where the nerves and the muscles meet, and understandably those patients present with a difficulty walking, muscle wasting, muscle fatigue-ability ,and electrophysiological deficits that we tested by clinician and so, although there is a strong correlation between the prevalence of this mutation and the prevalence of those symptoms that we see, it doesn’t argue causality, right?Correlation does not equal causation. So what I did in order to determine causation was they made that same point mutation and drove it in an otherwise normal fruit fly. And what I did is by changing just that one nucleotide, We actually were able to recapitulate many of the disease symptoms found in that family, so in a fruit fly I was able to test behavioral deficits such as decreased motor output muscle fatigue ability. I was also able to recapitulate many of those electrophysiological deficits that we saw on the people and these results are kind of important and two pronged, right? So, first, it shows the drosophila and fruit flies are a great model to really study these genetic disorders in a fast cheap efficient way, and also, we were able to determine causality of one of these rare genetic disorders that have never been previously studied before and once you’ve got a cause and a model system you can start looking for treatments which gives families hope to look for potential -look for potential cures. Thank you.