VOICEOVER: Florence, Italy exists in a duality. It’s
both the birthplace of the Renaissance, and home to current internationally
recognized brands. The techniques of the past are met with the technological
advances of the future. Marist, in partnership with the Istituto Lorenzo
de’ Medici, offers students the opportunity to explore a city that has
experienced many transformations, and is home to both modern and historic designs.
International brands that cross cultures and borders can be found in this city
due to its global nature. An education in digital media, coupled with a strong
liberal arts foundation, prepares students for careers in web design,
animation, and the graphic arts. Well, at first, you don’t really think of Florence
as a technological, it’s more of like the Renaissance art. I think Florence has a
really cool way of combining older art, and combining older methods of art, with
the new technology that, maybe other areas, might not focus on and I think
that it’s a really cool mix. At a certain point, it appeared to me absolutely clear
when I stand in front of the David statute. This has been done here, and has
not been done here by an artist, but by a designer. So I think here, in Florence,
meeting new people, talking with professional teachers, they can
understand something better about their future. TAYLOR: The classes are usually pretty
small, which I like, I prefer because you get a good connection with
your teacher, your teacher knows who you are. And it’s a pretty mixed dynamic of
people. I think that it’s important for us, like teachers, to share our– not just
our knowledge, but our personal and professional experiences with them, and
in this way they have an international brief. TAYLOR: And everyone has different ideas
and different processes so it’s really cool to see how someone else works on something, or how someone else interprets something completely different from you. And its cool to share those ideas and get ideas for what
you’re working on through someone else’s work. Our mission is also to let students
control the technology, not being controlled by the technology. A
graphic designer needs to know everything about everything. TAYLOR: I’ve done sculpting, painting, photo, drawing and then mix that in with a lot of different
web design, and web animation, and then also art history, and some history
classes. So, it’s a nice eclectic mix and you learn a lot about art and design and
how the two work together. If you come here to study its not just because–
not just because of the economic part, but because you want to learn a
real job, and you’re thinking about your career. TAYLOR: Pretty much every class we go out
into the city and take pictures of first impressions of the city, and architecture
of the city, and I think it’s a great way to learn about art, and it’s a great way,
if you are an art or a graphic design major, because the city has so much art
that you can draw so much from a city, and so much through just walking around.
I’ve always wanted to go abroad and just go in Europe, it was like one of my
dreams was to travel, so as soon as I heard about I was like, “I need to sign up
for that!” It’s a good time to be graphic designer, a designer in general, because we have a new world to explore.