every day in London was basically like
reading a new book you know you’re turning the pages of your current novel
you finally get to the end of it you close the book after that final page
shut your eyes you go to sleep the next morning what do you do you wake up and
you dive in the next book this is what London was like every day was truly a
unique different amazing experience it was kind of scary and daunting to go to
a different country with 14 other people I didn’t know but it was so worth it
we’re like a family now good friends we still stay in contact but one of the
most impactful things that I had about my trip to London was exploring a lot
about yourself so kind of getting to know who you are as a person and how you
interact with each others and just realizing that you’re a bigger person
than you really think you are sometimes and you’re capable of a lot more than
you may have set out to be. I feel like my biggest piece of advice is
if you’re on the fence about it like I was sitting right there last year I would say just do it like I
am so thankful I did like I think I was probably like the like the one that was
the most afraid it was but it was like the best experience ever and I just feel
like I’ve grown so much as a person I’m like not afraid to travel by myself now
and I know what I can handle with my luggage by myself now I just think that it’s it’s just such a
good experience learning how to take public transportation was interesting figuring things
out on your own it’s pretty fun so that was a great experience for me
I know it’s hard like finances like that really holds you back but like if you
can save if that’s your only like thing that’s holding you back like I would
just like try your hardest try every outlet that you can and like go on the trip you should
definitely take advantage of this program through the school because I
honestly don’t think you’re gonna get this opportunity once you’ve graduated
to take five six weeks off of work and just go travel was also super meaningful
to kind of get closer with two professors from UWL knowing that you can
go to them if you have questions need advice so overall the experience was
amazing you know unfortunately they do put a price tag on this trip but
everything that you get out of it you know the connections the experience the
travels seeing the world it’s it’s all priceless it’s all made the experience
priceless to me there’s so many things that’s I look
back on every day and I’m so happy and so proud to have these memories I think
this trip is truly once in a lifetime this is something that will change your
life I you know I scroll through my phone the
photos whenever I’m sad and I look back at the amazing times that I had abroad
and I laugh and I smile and it completely changes how I’m feeling about