2015 was a special year, I decided to pursue
a master’s degree in Europe More specifically, The Netherlands or simply Holland to some. Although most people outside the country only
think of The Netherlands for its tourism. Especially in Amsterdam or maybe The Hague, as it is
the political epicenter of the world. I pursued my studies in a city in the Southern region
of the country called Tilburg. Initially I struggled to adjust to life in Tilburg. Things such as having to bike instead of drive, the non-stop rainy weather, and my academic
workload made me doubt my decision to leave home Nonetheless, I soon realized that life
in The Netherlands is only as colorless as you make it out to be. There were lots of fascinating places within
the country to explore and many of them were quite nearby. Thus I started traveling. One of my first experiences was the celebration
of the Dutch king’s birthday also known as King’s Day in Amsterdam. It is like big
party where everyone wears orange. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to the
beautiful tranquil canals of Kalenberg, a hidden gem that very few outsiders have heard
of. As time went on, the list of places I visited
only became bigger. Not only did my travels throughout The Netherlands
help me grasp the variety of cultures and people, but it also reshaped my thoughts entirely
of my experience of the country. I started to enjoy the vast amount of bike lanes as I soon realized I could cruise on them with my skateboard. I found that the country was
filled with individuals who were happy and proud of their heritage. But more importantly
I discovered some amazing places and earned a master’s degree throughout the process. … your official master’s degree from Tilburg Universiy