According to recent research, China is becoming
the biggest economy in the world. I think that is one of the fundamental reasons why
candidates should consider an MBA in Asia. To support that argument, it’s not just about
the economy, but now we’re in the globalization era where everybody has to be able to deal
with business — people, process, management — in a rather cross-cultural manner. So, studying
in Asia will be a very good option, because most of the Asian business schools are actually
running a Western-like or American-like MBA program. So, you have excellent Western
education in an Asian context. Of course, in terms of the career development,
there are excellent opportunities in Asia with western companies expanding and investing
in different parts of Asia. In addition, a lot of our MBA graduates are actually employed
by Asian-headquartered companies with their headquarters in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Korea,
Japan where they are expanding so rapidly and they will become the Fortune 500s in the
next 15, 20, 30 years. They are managing their business more or less like their Western counterparts,
the big companies. They would prefer to hire people who have attended excellent MBA programs,
but with an Asian context and an understanding of the process, the management culture, things
like that. I think this would be my suggestion for students to consider studying an MBA in