Cass Business School really pushes ones limits.
It lasts for two years, and requires a high level of motivation. It makes you leave your
comfort zone. Cass treats the Executive MBA programme as
being truly international. It has two campuses — one in London, one of the centres of the
developed world, another in Dubai, which can be a good representation of the emerging market.
What convinced me to choose Cass over other programmes available was that it had an MBA
with a specialisation in Islamic Finance, which is very relevant to my professional
life and something I was interested in as well.
So far it’s been great, the teaching has been great, great subjects, really good at getting
to understand different aspects of business and finance, and management more generally.
The course is an interesting and fantastic learning experience where you have all the
professors coming from London. The programme is delivered over a four day
extended weekend, which really meant that in those four days I can completely cut out
the rest of my work, and cut out interruptions, my family, and just focus on the programme
itself. On the course, I actually met my future business
partner Bertina. Once we had finished our course, the Dubai MBA, we decided to go into
business together. About a year after, we had pretty much put everything we had learnt
in the MBA straight into practice. Studying in Dubai is fantastic for many reasons.
You are surrounded by wonderfully rich and diverse people.
Also, the elective courses available to us have made this programme more interesting,
because you have the option to choose the electives on one of the selected countries
— say, in the US, South Africa, China, or the UK.
You can better understand what other functions do, you can better understand other functions
need, you can better understand financials in your organisation and where value is created.
Hence, you can provide a much more valuable contribution to your organisation, which is
in the end, a leverage on yourself. As an example of the success I’ve had since
completing my Executive MBA, I was invited last year by the group’s Chief Investment
Officer to establish alongside him a new business within the bank that oversees investment products
and its marketing strategy. I’ve also made some great friends, and expanded
my professional network, which has been a great part of this journey.
I’ve loved every minute of it, and I’m still living the experience.
After two years, you’re a better leader — not for the fact that you know more — but you
experience more. You’ve challenged yourself to the maximum, and you survived.
Overall, the Cass MBA programme is a great opportunity, and it will help me develop my
future career. For anybody looking to study an MBA, i think
Cass Business School is a good opportunity to broaden your horizons, and to have a good
value of return on your investment.