and in this second episode we’re gonna talk about round ology [Music] [Music] it’s a place for winners hi I’m Thomas Hobart this is MBA war room what is round ology round ology is like the zodiac for business school the Stars what round should I choose that will best match my personality actually people worry about this all the time they ask me Thomas what rounds should I apply in does it make a difference shouldn’t you apply when you’re ready the fact is you can apply in almost any round but that all these rounds have certain characteristics that you should be aware of people say I’ve got to apply in round one because there’s less competition well guess what everybody’s thinking the same thing they’re thinking I have to be early I have to do race it could even be more competitive every school every year it’s different we don’t know what you’re gonna get to think that a certain round is gonna make all the difference in your application not really gonna work what you got to do is you’ve got to work on your profile round one doesn’t work if you’re not prepared it doesn’t matter if it’s early or not you’ve got to be prepared they say that round two just for losers it’s not true at all round two typically is the round where people are putting a little bit more effort into applications because they think they missed the first round this is a good time to talk about 40 40 21 is 40 40 20 40-40-20 is the approximate ratio in which schools admit candidates forty percent of their class in the first round a roughly forty percent of their class in the second round and twenty percent of the class in the third so the third round is the tail end here what kind of composition do they have each round has its own composition that mirrors the entire MBA application process so there’s going to be consultants and bankers and investment guys in the first round the second round gonna be an all round they’re gonna have a little pyramid there each round is going to have eight poets and their clients it’s gonna have a scientific guys on the front end and it’s have journalists on foreign so there’s space for everybody one of the great things about the second round is you can set up a double profile what is a double profile a double profile is something you probably have already are you a consultant yes I’m a consultant but I also play sports possible double profile are you an entrepreneur and an investment banker are you the head of a charity foundation and do you work in a bank dollar profile many people think the things they do outside of work don’t count they can they can count a lot some guy he’s been a professional Sambo guy since he was a teenager he wins matches he does well how does this work how does this become part of my profile does being a professional wrestler make you think think about life have a strategy for facing an opponent does it feed into your leadership strategy at work probably when you show your profile to a school they see that and they go hmm look at this guy he manages his time he takes care of stuff he’s doing stuff that’s interesting do you play guitar yeah I do play guitar in fact I’m in a band okay so your band isn’t that great you play at parties you play at bars is it fun does it help you does it force you to organize your time probably are you the lead singer are you the drummer maybe the lead singer is someone who’s the leader of the band maybe that’s your leadership style are you the drummer maybe that means you’re the anchor you’re the guy who keeps the beat why not are you the bass player maybe you have all this basic expression do you take care of animals do you work for a volunteer organization that takes care of animals how does that help you in your communication with people dogs don’t talk cats don’t talk but you have to talk to people about animals maybe you have an extra sensitivity that could be worth a lot in the school that’s looking for profiles for people who are not just standard cookie cutter applicants are you an entrepreneur a lot of people have side businesses small ones and they think I’m not even gonna put this on my resume the because I but guess what when you fail sometimes that’s a real educational experience and it takes a lot to say I failed but I’m gonna do better next time in fact people might say that guy’s got guts he tried to do something that was difficult and maybe he didn’t make it but he’s got an education from it he’s learned something from it so it becomes valuable don’t hide the stuff you have if it’s great we’re getting ready the third round oh my god I’ve got to do it I’ve got to apply this year oh my god it’s the only time I have left my god third round is for astronauts what’s an astronaut astronaut is a guy who goes into space yeah yeah I didn’t do that yeah you didn’t do that that’s why it’s for astronauts are you the son or daughter of a famous person a movie star no you’re not an astronaut did you cure cancer when you were seven no you’re not an astronaut Olympic gold winner no if you’re not an astronaut don’t worry you can still apply in the third round you don’t have very good chances in the third round most schools are looking for what’s called replacement candidates so a lot of people have already been admitted and they want to be leaving they’re gonna be searching for another school and they’re gonna say thanks but no thanks and their place is going to become open so in the third round this is where they take this extra 20% some famous kids and some ordinary guys who have good profiles that are suitable to fill the places of those who have decided not to go to that school is it a slim chance yes it’s a slim chance but if you’re prepared it’s better than being desperate in the second round for example and that’s episode two for the war round come back soon get more tips and tactics for you are and the war against NBA and subscribe don’t forget to subscribe to flesh because flesh is bringing you this great content and you like it don’t you I know you