Hello guys welcome back to another video! This is Srishty Khera . In this ideo we will talk about MBBS in China environment
especially MBBS in China for Indian students. As all the queries we get is all related to Indian students because MBBS in Indian in very expensive
but when I talk about China it is very affordable , So in this video mainly we’ll talk about the MBBS in China cost The admission process and when you
will have to book your seats and what is the review about MBBS in China is it
good or is it bad? so we will compare few of the things
and then we will decide what is the review about MBBS in China , Firstly
we will start with the cost & budget Budget for MBBS in China is very affordable including the charges like tuition fees , hostel fees, miscellaneous charges and one-time charges including all the expenses for 5 year course it cost around 15 lakhs to 30 Lakhs the other advantage for MBBS in China is the duration of course MBBS in China duration of course is 5
years so for Indian student it is an extra advantage like if I compare it to
Ukraine or Russia its six years of course but in China it is a five
year course Another extra benefit for Indian Students
is that internship from China is valid in India However this is not the case for other countries countries like Kyrgyzstan , Ukraine
Russia their internship is not valid in India but if you do MBBS in
China and internship from China It is valid in India
so it is an extra advantage for Indian students those are studying MBBS
in China these are the two major
point that duration is five-year and internship is valid in India. Quality of
education is very good in China If i compare Indian quality of education to China it’s like head to head Specially in this budget , China is offering a great quality You cannot get in any other country that is one thing about China on that you are getting same duration and same internship you just need to come back to India
give the MCI exam and then start practicing so these are the benefits of MBBS in China , now I will talk about MBBS in China reviews, we get a lot of mixed reviews for MBBS in China there are reasons behind this mixed reviews , First thing is the choice of University China follows a grading system which is not present in other countries Like we get grades in our exams A , A+ , A++, B , B+ so whenever you’re choosing the university make sure to
choose a university from A+ grade University must be from A+ Grade or A++ Grade If you will choose a good university obviously you will get better quality of education Better infrastructure
All in all you get better facilities You will not face any issues or will not have any complaints in such universities Some students complain about the
infrastructure that totally depends upon the grade of the university that we
have chosen So if you will choose a low grade university and later complaint about infrastructure will not help ,So do not choose a university just because it is cheap later on you will realize that you have made a mistake so the reviews like “it is not that good infrastructure” “it is not that good quality” it is because that choice of university is wrong. The other myth about MBBS in China is that education is in Chinese so it again depend upon the choice of the
university whenever you are choosing the University There are three type of courses First is English-medium second is Chinese medium and third is mixed medium In English medium the complete course will be in English In Chinese medium the complete course is in Chinese Third is mixed medium where all the confusion happens first three years are at English but last two years are in Chinese In first three years Chinese is being taught to the students. and you have to clear the Chinese language exam as well It totally depends upon the choice of
university or the choice of course Make sure to select the English medium course not the mixed medium or Chinese medium course Even in English medium course Chinese is taught in first year So that you should not face issues while communicating to patients or Local-ides However the medium of instructions is English These were the kind of mixed reviews that we have for MBBS in China Talking about the facilities and the faculty members the facilities and Faculty are very good This is the reason why MBBS in China seats are in high demand MBBS in China Seats get full around NEET exam result. If you are thinking about MBBS in China then you kind of have to hurry up and book your seats as soon as possible Students do not even wait to clear the NEET exam.Although NEET is mandatory. Still the MBBS in China seats gets fill in first because of the facilities. Because of high population of China , Inflow of patients is high during clinical rotations and hospital visits so they kind of get to see more cases and they get to have more hands-on
This is another benefit. These are the reviews about China so I hope now its clear that why we have mixed reviews it is actually a good country to choose for MBBS Talking about fee structures in China you will have to pay the fees yearly and directly in the University you need not to pay the fees in India In some universities you might have to pay in India (varies university to university) Rest of it depends upon your preference. At times students as well do not want to carry the cash along with them So many of the students pay it in India itself or directly in university account So these are the reviews about MBBS in China for Indian students. I hope i have answered most
of your questions still if you have any doubts you can leave it in the comment section below or you can call me or you can send me
whatsapp message I will be available to answer your queries and if you are
looking for admission in China for MBBS you have to hurry up and book your seat as soon as possible Good luck for your future and see
you in the next video! Byee..