Hello Friends! Welcome back to my channel , This is Srishty Khera. Today we will talk about MBBS in Ukraine MBBS in Ukraine is a hot favourite destination for MBBS among Indian Students Most of the students want to pursue MBBS from Ukraine , so you should know about many things about Ukraine One should know about Country – Ukraine and the MBBS in Ukraine before going there So firstly ewe will talk about the Ukraine as a country Ukraine is an European country . The cost and standard of living in Ukraine is higher than India. As there are differences in Currency , Ukraine have a bit higher cost of living. The standard of living is far more higher than in India Ukraine is a very safe country especially for the girls The Ratio of Indian Students is very high in Ukraine currently there are 5000 Indian Students. Studying in different different courses. I’m not saying that everyone is doing MBBS Indian students ratio is very high in Ukraine. When you will walk around the
streets you will find Indians around Indian food is very easily available in Ukraine as ratio of Indians is high Now let’s talk about MBBS in Ukraine Ukraine follows a BOLOGONA Process , which every educational institute in Ukraine have to follow what it do is maintaining the quality and bringing in the quality education BOLOGONA Process in improving the quality of education in Ukraine All the European countries have to follow the BOLOGONA process There are certain guidelines set by BOLOGONA Process for each and every course It take care of lab facilties , infrastructure, number of teachers and all such things So because of BOLOGONA Process in Ukraine the quality of education in improved MBBS in Ukraine is a 6-year course The first three years is the
theoretical. Second half of the course it is more of hospital visits and practical part. Hands on and hospital visits happens in the second half of the course. First three years are mostly theoritical with some hospital visits. Talking about the labs , you get personal cadevar’s to practice on. Quality of education is very good , now talking about the faculty and infrastructure. Most of the faculty members are PHD’s , so you will get all your queries answered & good quality education. Talking about the facilities , i would say we are providing the top medical universities of Ukraine. Hostels as well are well built and maintained. Indian mess facility is also available. Infact we have sent the Indian cooks there. You will not face any issue with food, it would be same as Indian food So you will be getting good facilities and good infrastructure , top governent medical universities. Vinnitsa National Medical University , Bukovinian State Medical University , Ternopil State Medical University etc So many top medical universities provide Indian mess facility. These universities are not hundred years old. These universities are preferred ones whose names i mentioned earlier. I will make detailed video of each university as well. All these universities infrastructure is huge. Facilities are top-notch these universities. You need not to give any second thought.
Now talking about safety in Ukraine. Universities and Country is giving equal importance to safety and security as well. For Girls Ukraine is the best as it offers the highest level of safety and security to girls. For Girls Ukraine is a great option as they have strict rules for country and the university. Many Indian Girls are already studying in Ukraine so you need not to be worried about it. parent of course have concern about girl safety. Now you need not to worry. Regarding Ukraine Visa , you can easily get Ukraine Visa. We are there for you if you are looking for admission in any of the university in Ukraine. We have all the top government Universities. You can come to us or call us anytime. Drop down your queries in the comment
box below and I’ll make sure to answer all. Till the next video Bye!!