hoo shit i thought to get up at 4.00 but its 6.00 now sister: what kind of thing it is praying to books?? pawan:i love mbbs evry day in the morning i try to get up at 4 and make it 6 i like it daily two times anatomy physiology , histology only some times i try to read bio chemistry and i love to read it these books belongs to me how ever these books are mine let me go and see what these stupids are doing bavaa bavaa ohh my god is it room or a booth bunglow they dont even on their lights shit he is a pig…. and.. is he a group leader??? hey hey get up man what is that expression man… like katappa got married?? nothing like that buddy i like only two things one is bathrom and the other is bed room we know that nooo man one is nice sleep the onother is our physiology mam!!!!! even…she also like only two things one is absent and the other is 1 hour absent absent??? yehh man we have a bus in 10 mins if we cant catch it we cant go to class today if you are like this you will not pass even one exam from where this piggy sound is comming?? hey sanjay do you have any pet pig??? no man hey deepu heyy depuu get up man!!!! deepu: what is this nonsence in the moring?? pawan:some one is making pancakes deepu deepu: pancakes?? where ?? pawan:in bathroom sanjay is making deepu:shit your carzy punches stupid pawan: its getting late buddy come fast p deepu: 2 mins man i ll come where are my shoes here they are hey deepu don’t you brush your teeth noo man we can do it later i know that you dont brush yor teeth but do it for the sake of teachers plz come lets go you dont have any bag?? you have right its enough for me also hey sanjay we will wait for u in 1st floor hey buddy where is sanjay i think he is sleeping in bathroom yeh tats true… wait i ll call him hello where are u buddy in our lift dude we know about our lift right it will go to 10t floor when we strike 1st better jump from from there what is this 0 degree temperature…. what is the show of pawan heyy if we study in this degree then only we can get mbbs degree i dnt have this problem man i already studied anatomy at night anatomy?? today we have physiology man ok sooo dontala sowjanya meghavarnam swetha? yeshwanth? adipalli manasa? prathinam sarvanam narendhiran?? soo where are those three??? again?? where is pawan? yes mam sanjay? yes mam sreedeep?? mam!!! what you all are doing down there?? discussing mam?? discussing what? todays topic mam!!! what were you diong there?? i found some rubles down there im counting them actually we are discussing todays topic mam topic mam todays topic mam today is the final class!!!!! todays topic reproductive system!!! central nervous sysytem heart discussing combinebly mam heart vessels?? ok so decide and tell me who is going to answer first sidown thank you mam decided?? who is going to answer first deepu mam sanjay mam pawan mam deepu mam silenceeeeee…. mam.. deepu will answer mam no mam pawan will answer sanjay mam reproductive sysytem mam there are tow types mam male and female male the begining and female the conclusion mam i will anserw heart mam i prepared well heart??? heart consist of four chambers 1st chamber filled with sruthi hassen second chamber is with thamannah third chamber filled with kajal fourth chamber filled with samantha!!! hey samantha is married man then who ??? ivanka trumph deepu will answer mam heyyyyyyy bavaa we can define respiratory system as inhaling of air…… exhaling of air wow howw deppu how man ur soo inteligent he told correct only?? may be she cant understand!! last question pawan as you are the university topper say it man what do u say sanjay did he woke up or not??? i think he is in dream bavaa bavaa ohhhhh shit is this a dream??? heyyy waste fellow hey use less fellow shit these stupis always distrub me!! finished your dreams?? is there any opition of coming to class?? dont live in dreams come to the rality hey i will be first u guys dnt worry what to hostel??? or what hoo i answerd verry well in my dream i haveto study now shit this physiology i cant understand this in this year better to listen songs yehh this is my stop hey depuu why these nerves are going like this then catch it man what?? nerves ?? why mam this nerve is going like this this nerve has a proper path it goes from ana cervicalis hey why no one is in the class i think i am the first lift the call rey stupids why he is calling now i think he strucked some where hey piggy where are u man you and that stupid don’t have any work just simply sitting in canteen and flirting and dnt know any thing i am the only person who always make the group proud this is a group and you making it proud hey sanjay it is not important that who woke up early in the morning its more imp who comes to the class first hold on hold on where are u bujji physiology!!! then why anatomy mam is calling?? heyy heyy anatomy mam if you don”t come with in 2 mins she will mark you as absent absent???!!!!!!!!!!!! because today we have anatomy class not physiology anatomy class ahh?? hooooo shit see his over action as he came first to class now see his oscar acting !!!!!! why are u asking all questions at a time wait let me explain heading nice who drawn?? i cant recall anatomy bt how i can recaal all these stuffs beautiful diagram what?? what is the topic today??? how could i know as i know only flirting girls right actually u make our group proud right i said simply dudes why u guys take revnge on me hey do u remember tommorrow we have physiology final test hey…..light let it be heyy what are you talking ra tommoroow i have to wake up at 4.00 and study you guys don”t change shit what is that expression?? then what you are saying?? we are medicos man we should study u waste fellows