(upbeat instrumental
music playing) ♪ NAEEMA FAROOQI:
My name is Naeema Farooqi and I teach social media
at the school of media studies and
information technology. This is a really interesting
and exciting course because we have
students from Humber College
as well as Denmark. Social media is a
fairly new field. Corporations and companies
are now using more and more social media in order
to reach out to audiences. JEANNE BODKER NISSEN:
It’s also about starting
to think as content creators. So open your eyes
to things that could be
good content and start building up
your own brand. FAROOQI:
A hands-on
learning experience always is a
winner for students. SAJITH RUPASINGHA:
You are not just learning
in the class. We went on
field trips. We went to Facebook,
we went to Google. TROY BROWNLEE:
It was eye-opening. In two weeks,
I learned more than I would have
in a year. We had a couple
of days to prepare a campaign for
Pirate Life TO. NISSEN:
It was really
engaging for them that we had
a real-life customer. HEIDI ASTRUP:
The client wanted
more profitability and they wanted to create
more awareness around the brand. FAROOQI:
They’ll be working
in groups. Students are going to be
pitching their ideas and the company
is going to be choosing the
top three ideas. BROWNLEE:
It’s theatrical
and it’s adventurous. It’s unique compared to
its competition. The team dynamic
was work longer than it was expected,
and we came first, which was amazing. ASTRUP:
I have learned so much
not only about social media but also
about myself. RUPASINGHA:
Honestly, this is the
best experience that I had. I would recommend this to
any student in the future.