AOA and hello to all of you who
just clicked on this video so today’s video is obviously about the admission
fever and the fever is high especially in these months particularly July August
and September to make your life a little easy
I have piled up some helpful stuff which you must listen before deciding careers
for yourself for next five years so here it is all of you after you’re done with
your a-levels FSC or twelfth grade exams in pre-medical obviously with biophysics
in chemistry good grades are bad you all go through a
series of preparation you all sit for this common exam or the test like MCAT
noms and stuff so did I and what next all of you couldn’t perform up to the
mark some of you even after your gap years it’s not about your aptitude it is
not about that you don’t love studying sciences or you don’t want to be a
doctor it’s about merits almost fifty five
thousand or plus appear in every year and only seven thousand get selected for
the Medical Colleges because of the increasing competition over loquat
Pertamina so anyone who comes on the merit and has
the aptitude and can afford for it go for it but if your whole life was all
about MVPs and which is offered in 126 universities in Pakistan and you’re
going to make up it’s okay life won’t end here let me tell you that
there are 150 options in Pakistan for you Justin medical and it’s important
for us as a student and as a parent to explore those fields and their scope in
Pakistan or abroad teachers should also help us in school honestly by tips we
don’t really know anything other than MBBS
PDS so before getting disappointed and making a 180 degrees turn from business
from Sciences to business or law watch this and reconsider and still if you
want to go for business or law that is also okay excellent fields if you have
the ability to you know and develop interest so let’s just start off with
our programs the first two obviously MBBS and BDS we have talked about them
MDBs offered by 126 universities BDS offered by 62 universities both high
scoped feels good Scofield’s with high merits and high fees but it’s good for
you if you come in the merit and you have the support to go for this and you
have the capacity to study to these two programs go for it the next step that I
want to talk about is dr. physical therapy that’s DBT 93 universities in
Pakistan are offering this program good scope in Pakistan and overseas Canada
and Australia especially very respectful jobs also called a doctor because it’s a
five year doctorate program and it’s as hard as these two programs because you
have to study 42 subjects in five years and various specializations are also
available for example in cardiac neuro organi so yeah it’s a good field you
must consider next up we have pharmacy and nursing so pharmacy offered by 82
University’s nursing offered by 1:08 University’s four-year or two-year
program then we have emergency and intensive care Sciences seven
universities in Pakistan food and nutrition 10 universities in Pakistan
offering this program bs for years then we have next up medical image technology
31 universities medical lab technology that is offered by 1:06 universities
next up is optometry again a very good high scope field and for those who live
in a star mod little health for you al Shifa a hospital a very you know when
lone hospital offers this program so you must consider that next up is Reynold
dialysis technology two universities offering that we have vision sciences
eight universities BS four years anaesthesia technician through
universities and osteology nine universities anesthesia technology seven
universities and all fields related to this highly paid jobs so must consider
biochemical pathology one University in Rawalpindi Sochi foundation guarded
perfusion 14 universities cardiovascular sciences one University we have dental
hygienist offered by five universities then we have dermatology offered by two
universities then we have Eastern medicine and surgery offered by 12
universities we have emergency medicine one University forensic studies if you
are interested in law and you keep the detective nature so go for it
offered by two universities human diet and nutrition 27 universities an
interesting field investigative of thumb ology one University Medical Physics –
university medical ultrasound – University mid-deck free offered by one
University our han it’s a two year program and honestly I knew nothing
about this very hard to pronounce as well so it’s basically four they teach
you basically about the services for pregnant women and all staff infants
next is neuroscience one University offers us programs and many subfields
available nuclear medicine to universities operation theta technician
or sciences for universities offer this program and I never knew something like
this even existed so next up ASI three one University one you know good
scope in Pakistan skincare one University yes you can study this
program and then you know implement as a blogger sport sciences you’re okay then
next we have urology sports sciences offered by four universities urology by
two universities we have veterinary medical 19 university universities offer
that program biological and life sciences 28 prog programs are offered in
this department biochemistry and biotechnology genetics are the examples
then we have nine chemical and material science programs if you’re good at
chemistry this is your department and the next up this department is very
interesting if you have seen that show how it is made and it interests you so
this is your department and it has 31 subfields it’s all related to the food
companies and packaging and the agricultural scientist looks you know
handles all of that and livestock management so it’s just not about
farming Kathy by say late May it’s very you know respectful jobs are available
so consider that then we have biomedical engineering if you are good at bio plus
I T so go for this high schoo point overseas but in Pakistan it’s increasing
so you must consider this option so basically now you have seen all those
fields I have listed them for you which made sense to me and I knew that they
have good scope so now what you have to do you have to basically pick your five
best interest fields first say MBBS BDS DPT and rest any tool like the other
interest you basically go type those two fields on Google do your research only
on those two fields don’t only go for the name that interests you do a proper
research and then find its co-op in Pakistan and overseas find what you will
study that and what you will be doing in there
and all possible institutions that are available and their merit list all of
that is available on Google or YouTube so you know do your research and the
next stop after you have appeared for test and you got your merits and you are
already beforehand so you won’t be disappointed and you’ll have plan a B C
D or e in your five options and you won’t be disappointed because you would
be ready beforehand and trust me it’s just about that over all right there and
you get it in any program so just get a good degree an honorable degree and make
your worth with the amount of dedication you put and be an all-rounder don’t
restrict your life to studies and degrees and you know work out stay calm
be a nice human being and focus on the other important stuff as well and choose
what you feel is best for you all I would say and here I’ll end my video if
you’re new here please consider yourself subscribing like share and thank you for
all watching this video if you if you’re still confused about any of the fields
above or you need any you know you need any suggestions please write it down in
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