My name is Iqbal Jaffer, I’m a resident
in cardiac surgery. I went to The University of Queensland for my medical degree and
then I’m back at Master as a trainee in cardiac surgery. Talking to a friend they
said, well what about Australia? And I said what about Australia? I know it’s a
continent and that’s about it. I had never been there, I’d never seen the
place, I had no idea apart from what was a picture and I got on the plane
it was minus 15 – I got off the plane it was plus 35. Rather than try to
figure out off-campus housing, in a country that I’ve never been in, whose
time zone is 15 hours ahead of mine, College was gonna be a nice easy
straightforward thing to set up and so I I did that. Canadian and Australian
healthcare systems are similar in terms that there’s a basic level of
public care, for everyone. To this day, I greet my patients in Canada,
“G’day, how you going?” I still say that I learned how to doctor in Australia and
it’s totally applicable here. Like the Canadian healthcare system is a bit of
who knows you and what they can vouch for you. If you have contacts, you
maintain those contacts and if you don’t have contacts, you find them, you make
them. And you make them know who you are and you make them understand, who you are,
what you do and why you want to come back to Canada. Because that is
absolutely imperative to how you get back. Given the opportunity to do this
again. Go back to Australia, you know live that experience again – I would
absolutely do it again. To this day, I have fond memories of the place. To this
day, I say if the opportunity came back to go, to go back, I would go back.