I really enjoyed doing my undergraduate degree and one of the most exciting things
that happened to me was having a paradigm shift. in the process of exploring a research
question and it turned out that the answer to the question was completely different to what
I thought and I realized that I’d been wrong. I’m currently looking into Indigenous methodologies within civil and infrastructure engineering My research is leadership in successful Aboriginal enterprises My research is looking at blockchain technology which is a new disruptive
technology. Trying to find and discover these new ways those Indigenous methodologies can
be incorporated into the real world and sort of have a presence and say that you know
these things have been used for the last hundred thousand plus years For me that just
motivates me to get the work done and try and find new ways to incorporate these into the
industry. It’s a highly supportive environment with fantastic facilities and motivated
colleagues that will support you along your journey. RMIT is very supportive in the role that I’m in. They’ve always that been that
welcoming from the start and supportive from the start with anything that I’ve needed and it just really feels like a sense of belonging. If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to do something really creative really adventurous RMIT gives you that opportunity through this fellowship. Just do it.