– My name’s Meilan Han, and
I’m a professor of medicine at the University of Michigan in the division of pulmonary
critical care medicine. I like to tell people that
I take care of patients with perhaps one of the most common diseases, which is chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease, and then I also care for patients at the other end of the spectrum
with some of the most rare lung diseases including
lymphangioleiomyomatosis so, but I’m really proud of the
clinical services that we can offer for patients at
both ends of the spectrum. We have a multi-disciplinary
COPD clinic where we can offer advance therapies
including lung transplant and get patients into clinical
trials where it’s relevant, but we also have the only
LAM Foundation-certified LAM clinic in the state. And so as part of that,
I take care of women with rare lung diseases,
not just LAM but other rare diseases. But I’m again quite proud
of the services and the care that we can provide for our patients here. Every single day I think about
how we can improve the lives of patients, whether that’s
the individual patient that I see in clinic, or that’s thinking on the national level, how we can change policies, or whether that’s thinking
about what the most important research questions are, that are going to advance the disease. And so every day I get
to go home thinking that hopefully I really made a difference, either in a patient’s life today or in someone’s life 10 years from now. So that’s really the coolest
part of what I get to do.