I have been involved in the national
emergency communications working group for a number of years. This working group
is made up of police, fire, SES and ambulance as well as community groups and the
telecommunications carriers. This working group works together to provide a better
service to the community when they are calling triple zero for emergency
services to attend. I was involved as a member of the executive steering
committee and we work together to develop a strategy paper for alternate
methods of communication for the community. We found that people are using mobiles,
more social media and using data systems and so on and are looking at ways in which
to engage emergency services other than by voice We need to acknowledge that times
are changing and people want different access to emergency services. I found RMIT provided a breath of fresh air for me to work with other people to
achieve goals. I think the course work the support rom this faculty, the variety
of subjects also allowed me to engage in a totally different manner outside of my emergency services work. I’ve made some absolute lifelong friendships with a with a large group of people and I’ve
been able to utilise my learnings to benefit the community and myself.