Hello my name is Nick Lund. I am one of the
Senior Learning and Teaching Fellows at Crewe campus. I have gone from Fellow to Senior
Fellow, I did this last year. One of the reasons I applied is that I realised that I couldn’t promote the PSF scheme really unless I was a Senior Fellow. Certainly, I
couldn’t mentor colleagues at the faculty unless I was a Senior Fellow and I really
wanted help to push this through with colleagues, a lot of whom should be Fellows or Senior
Fellows, but weren’t at Crew. Another good reason for applying is that it’s free. The fellowship cost me about £300 when I first did it years ago, but the internal scheme is free and it’s one of these qualifications which leads to the accelerated progression scheme, so that you, if you’re
not at the top of the scale, you can add an increment to your pay.
I gained a lot more than I expected, I think. I thought it was a bit like the HEA scheme,
a form-filling exercise where I would fill in the forms and then find out later whether I was accepted as a Fellow, or in this case the Senior Fellow. But actually, in this case,
what I found is the MMU scheme is much more streamlined and much less about form-filling
as it is about providing the evidence, and in looking at that evidence really come to
find how much I had been doing. Sometimes you go along from year to year, doing one
thing to the next, and then adding more things and so on, without really realising how much you
do. I think it was the first time I really reflected carefully about my practice. You
obviously reflect each year about when things worked or not, but to look at your complete
practice , this is the first time I had an opportunity to do that and I found a very
useful. The other thing in collecting the evidence such as Student Union nominations,
external examiner comments, figures about work, you come to appreciate not just
how much you do, but really that we are all good at what we do. And this is what the HEA
scheme is about, I think. One piece of advice I think would be apply
now. It is always tempting to think I’ll do it later because things get easier later we
all know from experience that they don’t and it’s it’s not and arduous process it’s quite
a pleasant process want to put in an expression of interest you will be offered a mentor either from CELT or more locally in your faculty and that mentor help guide you through filling
in the forms and sort of evidence you should collect and so on. And the sooner you get started it, the easier it is.