We are taking a look at the Mountainsmith
Ptarmigan 35 degree sleeping bag. This is go-ing to be a great option for back packers
and campers who are looking for a summer bag that isn’t going to break the bank. This is a synthetic bag and it is insulated
with Mountain Loft Hollow fibers. So you have got a nice synthetic material there. It is
made to mimic the structure of down so it is going to be compressible. It is going to
be packable. But it doesn’t weight a lot. And the great thing about synthetic insulation
is that if it becomes damp or wet it is going to dry out really quickly and it is going
to retain its thermal efficiency even if it becomes wet. The stand out feature, I think, about this
bag is this J shaped zipper. So this is a semi mummy shaped bag. It is pretty roomy
as far as mummy bags go. So it is more of a re-laxed shape. You do have your traditional
mummy hood at the top. You have got a pretty wide girth with this bag. And then as it tapers
into the foot box you still have pretty much room to move around. So, you know, you do
have a nice boxed foot box. The top of the sleeping bag isn’t sewn to the bottom, so
you can see this nice box shape here. It just gives you more room for your feet and it is
just more comfortable over all. But this J shaped zipper goes all the way
down to… mostly all the way down to the end of the sleeping bag. The thing I like
about this is, you know, in the summer, in the early fall or the late spring when you
definitely need a sleeping bag to keep you warm at night, but you might want to vent
it, this J shaped zipper you are going to be able to open that up and stick your feet
out while still keeping the top of the sleeping bag attached with that zipper. It is a two
way zipper. So you can open the top and vent that way, too. If you do want to vent the top of the bag
you can attach that Velcro piece and, you know, still kind of keep the top up near your
head. Or if you want to vent it out completely you can just fold that over so you don’t
have to worry about the Velcro coming against your face. Behind this zipper you have a nice durable
material that is supposed to prevent snags. So if the bag were to become snagged that
durable material isn’t going to rip. But it definitely cuts down on snags when you
are zipping and unzipping the bag. Going through the features, again, you have
a nice hood up here and it is shaped really nicely so when you cinch down the top of the
bag it can cinch down around your neck and keep you a lot warmer. So if you are at the
lower limit temperature for this bag, you can really cinch it down and keep you nice
and warm. Another stand out feature of this bag is the
baffle design. So you have got vertical baffles here on the top of the bag right over top
of your core. And vertical baffles are nice because they transfer the heat from your core
up and down rather than side to side. So this definitely keeps you warm. But then on the
sides and the bottom of the bag you have more of a horizontal box baffles. Mountainsmith does use European norm or EN
ratings for their sleeping bags which gives you a nice comfort level and a lower limit
level. The comfort level for this bag is more around 42 degrees Fahrenheit and then the
lower limit would be closer to the actual 35 degree in the naming. So before taking
this into the back country, be sure you check out the EN ratings. This bag comes in one size. You know, you
do get a generous size with this bag and be-cause it is a warmer weather sleeping bag, it does
pack down to be pretty small. So check out the specifications on our product page. And, all in all, this is a really great value
conscious option for camping, backpacking or traveling. It is definitely a multi use
bag. It is the Mountainsmith Ptarmigan 35 degree
sleeping bag.