We’ve made it guys! We’ve been featured on John Oliver, one of the top-tier shows in the mainstream American late-night lineup! This is huge because John Oliver himself is a 16-time Emmy award-winning
television host! This is big news! This is grand! This show is also one of my
all-time favorites because not only do they feature comedy but the topics – OHH – the topics themselves are sooo well-researched! What do you think about Vietnam? Slaps? So actually, Bops!, Bangers! and Slaps! are the top 3 – the most common most common go-to compliments of
Americans when they want to say this song is dope, the song is exciting! It’s
incredible! So when Americans want to describe the songs that they love so
much they often resort to these 3 clichés Club bangers? So normally club songs are ones that are already high energy and are selected by DJs to make you move to make you excited, but
club bangers oh my God – they are the cream of the crop, they are the crème de
la crème, they are the highlights of the show that will surely make you move make you go wild OMG so by saying that this is a club banger, he is saying that not only is it a very good song a very very energetic song but it will be one of the best! So
wow this is very high praise this is incredible praise! Yeah it’s been on spreading
like wildfire don’t miss out Ahhh – so he’s bashing other legendary songs in favor of our own! Oh – fell asleep at the wheel – to fail to be in charge, to fail to improve! We often say in Vietnamese “ngu quen tren chien thang” So beautiful words – lavishing
compliments – directed at our beautiful song! This is incredible – this is out of
this world! OMG he’s doing it again!! Instead of saying the same old boring phrase “play the song”, you can say “Hit it” and then the DJ will play it and everyone will dance to your tune! OK One more thing left to do today! All right! So there you have it – New
words to learn and thank you very much John Oliver for bringing so much joy to
our nation! Should this become the official Anti-Corona pop anthem? tell me
down in the comments below and See you next time!