I think my standup moments have been everything
around the college life. What I’ve learned about myself
in these last few months is that you never stop learning. So you always encounter someone, another person or another subject or another situation where
everything’s new and you just have to adapt to it. It’s very important to prioritise what you want to do during this this year because there’s so many
different options available. College and Cambridge life
for me was just wonderful. I think it’s very special
to live in this city. There is so much to build
around this university and about the colleges. One of the biggest advantages
that Cambridge brings is that’s it’s a very small town, so everything’s just
reachable by foot or by bike. And you never have to
walk a long distance. The skills that I take into my
career will most probably be anything related to teamwork
and how teams function. And within these
management practice classes you are basically learning
how a team is functioning and working while experiencing
the teamwork within those GCP and CVP projects. I think that my Cambridge NBA will first of all lead me too a lot of long lasting friendships with very interesting and adorable people
I meet throughout this year. And from a professional
point of view I think that, just a year off and a fresh
perspective on a lot of issues would really help me going
back into consulting. The one piece of advice
I’d give is definitely to really get into the college life and really make the most of
the mixed academic backgrounds and the mixed backgrounds at college. The college life really opens a new perspective on Cambridge. I’ve been a student throughout this year. I thought it would have been a very interesting and enriching
challenge to do that in a cohort that is much more international and has a variety of backgrounds. So, I really enjoyed that.