Cambridge is not just Judge. There is so much more that
the university has to offer. There’s just so many things
that you can synergise with how the MBA is coming across. And you could just build up
your whole different network from the university outside of the MBA. One of the best learnings that I would say has come working with people
from different demographics and different countries
and different backgrounds. I think coming as a professional, you end up working with people
from different backgrounds, but in the same profession. So you sort of condition your mind, condition the way you work when you’re with those kind of people. But now, suddenly, working with a medic. Working with an engineer. Working with someone who’s coming in from government services and sitting down working
within the same problem sort of allows you to
look at the same problem from a different side. So I came into the MBA as an entrepreneur. Now today when I’m
standing at this position, consulting seems to be a sector
that I kind of see synergies happening with what I
did and what I can do with the skillset that
I’ve got from the MBA. With regard to the
special interest groups, I was the chair for
the healthcare interest special interest group and the communication chair for
the social innovation group. When I look at the SIGs today,
I look at it as a platform to meet others who are coming
in from different geographies and different background,
but have the same interests. You see different viewpoints
on the same issue. So when you gather those
viewpoints and you tomorrow want to walk down that path
in a career’s perspective, that adds so much more value
when you network with people in the profession or you’re
sitting down for an interview. I think we were the most active SIG during the course of the year. Great to see people when
you meet them saying that “Oh, I’m from the media industry” or “I’m from engineering background” but then they have this little part of them who’s always been
interested in impact investing. Or who’ve been interested in “How do I get education to Africa?” And so, when you have these
entrepreneurs and companies come by, you could see that
sort of little interest bubbles growing and then sort of getting a space to voice their opinions. For me, I think SIGs act
as that sort of petri dish to learn.