Hello everyone. My name is Gemma. I’m twelve years old. My birthday is on the thirtieth of November. I’m from Hue city.
My city famous for food and historical sites such as The Citadel, Tomb of Tu Duc, Thien Mu pagoda,… The best Hue dishes are
beef noodle soup, steamed rice cake and clam rice. I’m a student at Thong Nhat secondary school. It’s in Dang Dung Street in Hue. There are six members in my family:
my parents, my sister, my two older brothers and me. My family enjoys travelling together.
They buy a lot of things for me. They also tell me many interesting stories. I feel very happy to be alive in this family. I have a close friend named Khanh. She is extremely funny and kind-hearted. I usually watch TV and play games in my spare time. I learn English because
I want to study abroad in England. I want to become a Youtuber. Thank you for listening.