hi everyone I’m very happy to see you again on this new video It has been already 3 weeks since my last video 🙁 So im very happy to finally record this video today I really wanted to record it As you saw in the title, today I’ll be doing a dorm tour So i’ll basically give you a tour of my dorms lol, but not only my room but also all the common rooms and the outside and as you may have noticed, the weather outside is super nice so i’ll film the outside a little and even better, today we’re monday 24 september so it’s a holiday in Korea called “Chuseok” so the persons who know a bit about korea might know what chuseok is it’s similar with the american thanksgiving, korean families gather and have a big lunch/dinner so there’s absoutely no one on campus lol i don’t see anyone outside so it’ll be better for me to film I am myself alone in my room because my roommate left me to celebrate chuseok with her family *AD* you can skip to 2:15 So let’s start this dorm tour, I take you guys outside. So that’s how the entrance of the dorms look like Mine is called GlobeeDorm but there are 3 other dorms located off-campus Mine is the only on-campus So yeah that’s how it looks like, all the windows over there are the bedrooms This is the hall, here is a small coffee shop But coffee is so expensive in Korea so f*ck it lol Here are elevators bringing to study rooms from 2nd to 4th floor And over there is an ATM machine here are offices for the management team of the dorms etc And so there are 2 different entrances, one for the girls here and here is the entrance for the boys, with the guardians’ office that’s the elevator the girls’ floors are located from 8th to 12th and boys are from 5th to 7th sorry for not showing the good numbers lol the laundry rooms are located on the 8th, 10th and 12th floors so there’s no laundry room in my floor lol 🙁 when we get out of the elevator we have the mailboxes on the left here a water fountain for cold or really hot water that’s my corridor here is my room with my suitcase and my roommate’s suitcase that’s my room, number 902 with my name written with korean phonetics (i hide my roommate’s name bc of privacy) but if you’re curious to know, she’s korean and that’s our drying rack there’s no code to open the door, we only need the entrance card korean style entrance so that’s basically where we put our shoes, even if right now all the shoes here are mine lol these flipflop are my roommate’s ones and i forgot to take out the trash before filming lol as you can see here we just have the trash and a broom and that’s exactly how the room looks like on the right we have the bathroom small but its enough small sink, small mirror and korean style shower no limit between the shower space and the sink space thats how the shower looks like small mirror to take nudes while under the shower lol just kidding, i don’t take nudes (but i could) and here the toilets nothing special, but i’m happy that the toilets are separate from the bathroom however i still didn’t get why we have this here if you know why we have such things in the toilets, let me know in the comments lol and then we directly have the “night” space that’s my bed i sleep on the right side of the bedroom my plushies the desk it’s very convenient because we have a lot of storage so i put my bags there, my school books, some un and here some “cosmetics” stuff but nothing korean only this nail polish remover so my desk, my laptop oh and i have this too, it could be super convenient but it doesn’t stop falling it even fell during the night, it was really scary some other storage here i bought a bowl, some chopsticks, fork and spoon plastic trash bags here some school stuff here nothing and here some other plastic bag that i use as trash bags some shelves under the desk and here i have a closet with mirror i should buy more hangers tho and here i bought a bag tu put my dirty clothes in the window is right here that white building over there is where i have all my major classes (business) and these windows belong to the dorm too what i dont like here is that we dont have shutter so in the morning the sun gets in at 7 lol here we have our little fridge all the food here is mine lol rice, ramen soup and that’s “brioche” that i bought in Paris Baguette btw, if you’re in Korea and miss France, don’t go to Paris Baguette lol they have nothing French there the fridge is almost empty, here i have some kimbap orange juice, water and here some kimchi because i really love kimchi haha Here we have a phone that’s supposed to do international calls but it actually never worked let’s go on with the storage we have some drawers under the bed here i have my t-shirts i need to go shopping bc i really don’t have any t-shirt, compared to all the pants i have so many pants that i cant even open the drawer correctly and here some pants again lol also really important, the aircon really nice when it’s 40°C in the room here is the aircon and during winter we have the heating floor from this point that’s how the room looks like I really have to take the trash out lol also, there’s no door for the bathroom but just this little curtain so yeah the room tour was very fast i don’t have anything more to show you and i’m not gonna show you my roommate’s side so yep i showed you only my side but roommate’s side is exactly the same I will try to film the common rooms now but it’s kind of embarassing because there are some people even in the hall i thought there would be no one but there were so many people lol I had to restart filming at least 10 times the entrance because there were some people so i was embarassed so i’ll try to film the commons note to myself : never go out of the room without your card usually when we dont completely push the door, it doesn’t get closed so one day i went out to fill my bottles with water, i didnt take my card and when i came back to the room the door was closed lol i had to go to ask the guradians to open my room so as i said before here we have the mailboxes here the trash some rooms over there a very long corridor here and here is the common room of my floor copy machine drinks machine, microwave television and a “weighting machine” elevators am i going to show you the laundry rooms? am i a nice girl? yeah i’m a nice girl so i’ll do it so i usually go to the 10th floor to do my laundry but there are also laundry rooms on the 8th and12th floors and i’m on the 9th :(( uni’s logo very comfy ootd so the floors are all very similar iron it’s a card system again, you buy a card and reload it when needed and then you can use the machines drying machine and washing machines so that’s all for this dormtour i knew it wouldn’t be long so that’s why i tried to show you as many things as i could i hope you enjoyed it personally i really like my dorms it’s not “top level” but it’s enough but from what i know, the off-campus dorms (there are 3) International House A, B and C These dorms are a bit better They have their own kitchen in the room and their own washing machine But these dorms are a bit more expensive And I think they are building new dorms at the moment hope you can see well that big grey building is going to be a dorm It’s going to be really big, but also really expensive lol i prefer not to know the price for 1 semester Also I think my dorm is the one that has the “strictest” rules because we have a curfew during the week monday night, tuesday, wednesday and thursday we have curfew these days which means that we need to be in the dorms between 12 and 5am. otherwise we get penalty points so the more penalty points, the more chances to be kicked out of the dorm lol so you better not disobey the rules haha and then on friday night, saturday and sunday we don’t have curfew so we get back when we want or spend the night out but I anyway rarely get back after 12 because the subways here stop at 12 so when i go out with friends i always try to take the last subway, or i can also take a cab but i dont want to spend my money on cab so yeah so yeah i never get back very late Yep that’s all I had to say I think I don’t know when my next video will be out because I don’t really know what kind of video I can do So if you have any video request you can let me know in the comments about my life in Korea or about my university for example yeah i really dont have any idea Thanks for watching this dorm tour, I hope you liked it I really tired to show the most things i could actually i think i showed you everything lol so once again thank you see you soon :)) SUBSCRIBE