Hey, stop running from the vlog, we got here. Look this is my wife. She’s a fashionista and then if you look at me like I’ve got no fashion at all.
Manu: Show them you’re knee. Karl: My knees got a rip in it but I like ripped jeans ripped jeans are cool. Manu: Yeah, but you don’t wear thermal leggings under them. Karl: No, I don’t have my leggings on today. It’s cold in Delhi, I gotta stay warm but anyway we’re gonna go pick up my sister right now. It’s her first time ever in India. She rides at 4 a.m. In the morning, so she hasn’t seen India at all. So let’s go take her out for her first day in India get her reactions. Her partner Tom is there as well. Hey Manu where we gonna take them today? What’s the plan? Manu: Delhi haat and Shahpur Jat and Old Delhi if they want to go. Karl: We’re gonna go on a shopping and food tour, let’s yeah, let’s see how my sister loves or hates India. We got halfway to the hotel but we forgot to take the dry cleaning. So we’re doing there and this is Manu’s old house here, actually, she used to live in here. Manu when did you live in this house? Manu: 8 years ago. Karl: Eight years ago, okay. Obviously, I can’t show you where we live now because people are trying to find me. That’s our old house. We made it. They always check your car and is actually no point to it. Like they just check the boot and they check the bonnet. But what if you’ve got whatever you want to do in the backseat here like they don’t check, right? Manu: Yeah or under the seats. Karl: Yeah, it’s a bit of a waste of time. Let’s get Chloe. Let’s grab Tom. Let’s take them shopping. Wait, why am I going shopping? Hello Chloe: Hie
Karl: Gotta say hello, Chloe. Chloe: Hie, give me a hug.
Karl: We have to hug
Chloe: Yeah
Karl: Good Tom, What’s up?
Tom: What’s up?
Karl: So that’s Tom. That’s my sister Chloe. You guys know each other?
Karl: Yeah
Chloe: Of course Karl: We’ve all met before. Manisha has been to New Zealand twice, so she has met everybody. Yeah jump in. So you guys haven’t seen India at all yet.
Tom: No, we’ve seen the airport. Karl: Airport, Oh my god, it’s gonna be hilarious getting your reactions in. Okay.
Tom: Yeah. Karl: So where we are right now is like North Delhi where we live and no one comes here. It’s like a really quiet area and it’s not the area I feel like it’s not like a touristy area. You know what I mean? Tom: I can’t believe you drive here Manisha. Manu: You get used to it.
Chloe: Our uber driver was crazy last night. Karl: The uber drivers are nuts when it’s your first time arriving in India.
Chloe: Oh man! Tom: Waving out on tracks, beeping. So where we going today Manu? Where’s the first stop? Manu: First stop is INA
Karl: Hang on, hang on. These kids are just staring. Chloe: They are pointing at me. Karl: And they are pointing out us now too. So this is your first time meeting a beggar. Tom: Yeah, I am just gonna ignore. Karl: Yeah I told her to come with us. Okay. Yeah. Jump in the car. No, no. You’ll get used to this today. But they kind of live in these side parts here and you can see them. Like whatever they doing. We’re going on the footpath. Are you gonna hit that lady, that lady nearly died. Look these guys are freaking out. Outside the crease You’re gonna get used to the driving. Okay? Chloe: Are you crazy? Karl: This is normal for me now, though. Like just, just, you just make, you just do what you can to get where you need to go. So, this is Delhi Haat. Hundred rupees for foreigners like 20 rupees for Indians, right? Manu: 30
Karl: 30 and this is basically a food and craft market in South Delhi and it’s perfect for foreigners to come to, you could find everything inside this market. All the kind of Indian souvenirs you might want. The reason it’s good is you have to pay to get in. So there are no touts in here, there’s no scammers in here and there’s like food stalls from every single state here, which is the incredible thing. So along with shopping if you’re a guy like me, you’ll just go have a tea and Mano and Chloe shop and me and Tom will be eating Momo’s or something like that. So yeah, and it’s very clean in here. Very nice in here. You’ve got a bargain hard with these guys in here though, right? Manu: Hmm Karl: Because these guys know this is like a market for foreigners and for guests so they will push you more on the price. So yeah, you just got a bargain a bit harder here What do you want to buy Chloe? Chloe: I want to buy a bag, I want earrings Karl: Bags, earrings right there. Chloe: Clothes, everything. Karl: Oh god! So this is going to be heaven for you guys then.
Chloe: Yeah Karl: What did you think this market would be like Tom?
Tom: I thought it would be chaotic, people everywhere, but that’s good. Karl: Yeah, this market is really good for like guests and foreigners to come to.
Tom: Yeah, Karl: Rather than like you know, Chandni Chowk is your first experience. Tom:Yeah
Karl: This is much much easier. Check out what we got? Momos, chicken momos, fried veg momos and Chili chicken, this is the one bro. The dry one.
Tom: Yeah, that one is really good. Karl: Momos are good, right?
Tom: Yeah, it’s good.
Karl: How did you like the chili chicken? Tom: Also, very good.
Karl: Chili chicken is amazing. We never get that in New Zealand, right? These guys are just in a Kashmir shop. My sister really wants a cashmere pashmina or a shawl, but you’ve got to be so careful here at the Kashmir part of market. They will sell you something which is like silk or even viscose and tell you it’s cashmere. You really really got to know what real cashmere is like, what a hundred percent cashmere is like. They might even say you blend as well and tell you it’s cashmere when it’s not. I’ve made a full video on how to find authentic cashmere. So check that out and when you when you see real cashmere versus kind of viscose or the fake stuff you can tell straight away what is real and what is fake. Chloe show us what you got? Okay Chloe: I brought a beautiful pashmina. Karl: Nice color, huh? Chloe: I’m gonna wear it everywhere.
Karl: Awesome
Chloe: Beautiful. Karl: So there’s a lot of stores here that are owned by the same people, just selling the same stuff but you can find stores where they’re actually making the product themself. These women are knitting their own products and that’s The kind of artists that you really want to buy from, you really want to support, right? Rather than kind of the mess produced knickknacks that you will find here at this market. Okay, we’re gonna go to where Manu? Manu: Shahpur Jat
Karl: Say it again
Manu: Shahpur Jat Karl: Shahpur jat and it’s an old jaat village, right?
Manu: Yeah,
Karl: But now it’s like a fashion hub. Yeah So let’s go see some high-fashion. What’s your guys like impression so far, like the first kind of what is it four hours? Tom: Yeah
Chloe: Yeah, definitely crazy and chaotic. Karl: Like compared to New Zealand,
Chloe: Yeah,
Tom:Yeah, compared to New Zealand completely different. Karl: Could you live here? Tom: No Chloe: Probably not, way too busy and crazy. Karl: What do you guys think about me living here then?
Tom: Crazy Chloe: Well!
Karl: You didn’t expect me to come somewhere like this or what? Tom: No,
Chloe: No
Karl: Why not? This is fun. This is adventure every day. Chloe: It is, I can see how it is but yeah I don’t think I can live here. Karl: I get too board in New Zealand honestly.
Tom: Yeah,
Chloe: I like that quiet life. Karl: So we’re kind of easing these guys into Delhi by spending time in South Delhi today. I’ll take them to Old Delhi and the madness of that place just yet but they’ll get there. My other family members who just arrived yesterday they got on the Metro themselves and they went straight to Old Delhi and they’re like in there. How old are they? Chloe: 60’s, oh no 50’s. Karl: 60’s, I think they’re in their early 50s.
Chloe: Sorry Karl: There they’re such brave travelers especially compared to our parents. Our parents would never drop on the metro and go into Old Delhi alone. Chloe: No All the dresses are so beautiful on the window like this is so beautiful.
Karl: Yeah, look at that. Chloe: Beautiful! Karl: That whole store is crazy.
Chloe: Yeah, let’s go. I like that. Karl: Okay, bro, I think that’s our clue to get going and find some tea, find a coffee. What was the first thing you notice about Shahpur Jat?
Tom: Very clean Karl: Yeah,
Tom: very very clean.
Karl: This part of Delhi is super clean. What did you get? Chloe: I got a pair of beautiful shoes and a pair of earrings. Karl: Show us the shoes.
Chloe: What? I can’t take it out like that. Karl: Take it out right now in the middle of the street around the cars and next to the rubbish dump the next to the bathroom. Come Are they like the Indian shoes? Manu: Yeah, they’re jootis. Chloe: I can’t open it like that.
Karl: You gotta show us, you gotta show us.
Chloe: Allright!
Karl: oh wow Chloe: Soo Karl: Very beautiful
Chloe: Yes, very pleased. Karl: Wow, I love the color.
Chloe: Yeah
Karl: What do you call that color, green? Manu: Blue Karl: What?
Chloe: Green I call it green.
Karl: Aqua So you had a good day in Delhi?
Chloe: Yess had an awesome day in Delhi. Karl: Okay done, done. Let’s go get my parents now. This is gonna be the first time that Manisha’s parents and my parents are meeting as well. My parents met Manisha twice before marriage, but the families never met. They don’t speak the same language so yeah, let’s see how that goes tonight.