This is the book, which I don’t have yet, of the School Language And this is my bed *No sound at all because Maybe only barks at 3 am when I open the door* *Unnecessary stupid sounds to catch dog’s attention* This is the house *obviously* *Children laughing cause since 2012 they don’t have to go to school on Saturdays* *Gochoc escaidome para mis compadres* *My boyfriend’s university* *doors are closing* *I got that sentence stuck in my head for one month after this trip* We got it girl, is the N Tower!! *Baby walking like he was Hoseok at the airport* *tf you doing* If you watched until here, you deserve a purple heart 💜 *At this point you probably are more tired than Yoongi, but keep watching* *Laughing hysterically* *So passionate, I love it* MIANEEEEEEEEEEEE Mannequin challenge He thought it was a picture