Begin by applying to Law school in the U.K.
or Australia and complete a two or three year LL.B. or J.D. Complete your LL.B or J.D. degree and obtain at least a 2:2 overall average in the U.K. a minimum of a 1.0 GPA overall degree grade in Australia and apply to the NCA online during your final semester of law school. The NCA assesses your Canadian and abroad transcripts as well as your C.V. and legal work experience. They will prescribe the number of exams you need to complete in order to become qualified. Sometimes the NCA will prescribe additional Canadian law school studies, depending on the strength of your application. Write a minimum of 5 NCA exams. You can also look into the Canadian Common Law LLM’s in some Canadian universities that will equal the requirements of the NCA, so you can take this LLM route instead of taking exams. When you complete all your NCA exams or assignments, the NCA will issue you a Certificate of Qualification. You need this certificate in order to article in Canada. You can begin articling in any province or territory in Canada or undertake the LPP program at Ryerson University or the University of Ottawa. Make sure to complete and pass your Bar exams in the province where you intend to practice.