[ Music ]>>All companies want their
folks to be incredible leaders. We want the employers who
hire our MBA students to say, boy those NC State MBA’s are
the brightest of the bunch but, importantly they’re also phenomenal leaders, they hit the ground running
from a leadership standpoint. We have a lot of bright talents
engaged MBA students that are really technically gifted individuals. What a lot of people in those arenas struggle
with are these leadership type skills.>>What’s great about the
residencies, is they give our online and all professionals students the opportunity,
not only to take a class in three days, but to meet other MBA’s in the program and
to begin to take advantage of something that full time MBA’s have had for a long time. The ability to develop their network. These are the people that they’re going to
go through class with, that they’re going to network for jobs with in the future,
that they’re going to be able to learn about different aspects of management
and leadership and to get to show that this is their network and
that’s an important part of school. Another great thing about having
a three day intensive program is that if you’re an online student
coming from outside this area, this really minimizes the disruption
to your normal work schedule. You’re here, you meet people and
then you can go back to work. So it’s much more convenient that a program
that has repeated in-person sessions or that’s stretched out over 15 weeks.>>If you sat in on one of the residencies
you would see them having a lot of fun. There’s a lot of fun, there’s a lot of
camaraderie, there’s a lot of laughter. And we want that, we want people to enjoy
being here and while they’re learning about leadership, to have some fun as well. So when a student comes up and
says I actually used what you said, the three steps to [inaudible],
whatever it was and I got these results. That is the best feeling in the
world for me to be able to say, you know this information
did really make a difference. And closing that [inaudible]
gap with these MBA’s is kind of the best result I could hope for. [ Music ]